Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The Extra Mile

Why do people walk the extra mile for me?
When people are nasty to me, good ones why don’t I see?
Why do people walk the extra mile for my own?
People of different races, colour and tone.
My heart melts at this walking an extra mile.
These niceties cannot be documented in a file.
Reaching out to each other when in trouble.
Enhances the joy of living, makes it double.
Helping you to climb further and further.
Even though they are not your parents or brother.
When in problem and grappling for a solution.
Another comes your way and puts everything in motion.
Why this walking of an extra mile I ask.
This is not easy but a hard task.
These little things are like glazed tiles.
That brightens our day and makes living worthwhile.


I am holding a basket in my hand.
Collecting things that we cherish the most.
I collected integrity and the honesty band.
Compassion and kindness the values foremost.

I am holding a basket in my hand.
Collecting good things in this race.
Being true to oneself is indeed a virtue!
Also a gentle heart and a smiling face.

I am holding a basket in my hand.
Compiling goodness of the world.
Sincerity and genuineness is what I found.
Adaptability to different situations in this swirl.

I am holding a basket in my hand.
I merged all cherished virtues in one.
Also collected sharing and caring.
Responsibility and love for others is the cards that won.


When the dusk engulfs the sky.
When the birds to their nests fly.
When the nightingale sings out loud.
When the silhouette of trees stand proud.
When the temple bells ring.
When in the mosques azans they sing.
When the lights of the buildings get brighter.
When the shades of nature gets lighter.
When the coconut leaves are shaking.
When the night dinner is baking.
When the sweet breeze is kissing my face.
When the children are playing and having a race.
When the sounds on the busy road are getting fainter.
When the colours in the sky is like the stroke of a painter.
Then you know the beauty of dusk is settling in.
The you know night is going to win.


Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK is a scientist by education, an educationist by profession and author and poet by passion. She has published five books. She is the Executive Editor of  Kafla Intercontinental, an  international journal of literature, art and culture. She has received awards like Sahitya Shree, Sahityan Samman, Sahitya Bhushan, Poetess of Elegance 2019 and an award for outstanding contribution to contemporary poetry from literary organisations of India. Some of her poems have been translated in more than 15 languages. She recently coordinated the World Festival of Poetry in Mumbai where 160 countries rendered poems of peace together. She has started the Mumbai Chapter of Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library(IPPL). She lives in Mumbai with her well respected lawyer husband and a teenage daughter who has also excelled in writing.

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