Tuesday, October 1, 2019



It is  rainy my winter and spring ,
Plays sadly my string  Saz.
My flag is my prays place,
Sometimes laughed, sometimes cried ,
Azerbaijan .Azerbaijan .
We are Mejnun ,but she is Leyli ,
We  have sloping to  her .
Even The North and  the South   ,
Grow grey their hair ,
Azerbaijan , Azerbaijan .

Breathing with fresh air
My way is - to Savalan ,
I pray to Almighty ,
Saying Tabriz -Can ( means : dear )
Azerbaijan , Azerbaijan .

Wounded in wars
The lands are divided ,
It divided  into two places.
When they  will   join  up ?
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan.

Sixty million related ,
Azeri  - Turkish brothers,
Even the tears were parted.
Almighty is in the heaven ,
Koran in the earth ,
Win, win , Azerbaijan.

Soul With Soul  - 
With Beloved

Love  - is fortune
İt is great happiness - to love
This is  so wonderful  -  being
Soul with soul with - beloved

Enjoying from the life ,
Inflame with  the love,
Feel you   so happy ...
Soul with soul  -with beloved ...

As the  mountain on sea
As  tears of  grief  on  the cheek .
Garden with paradise smell
Soul with soul with  - beloved .

The world is not cruel
Was lonely,  became couple .
Began  to dream with my beloved ,
Soul with soul with -  beloved.

My Heart Wants You

İ kiss your picture  with greedy ,
Remembering  those years ,
Those my seasons which passed...
How ,  İ  value them now.

I am afraid to lost all these ,
Getting  your smell from these ,
Every  times I say the words "dear"
İ respected  your honor always.

Picture of this couple is the  memory ,
When  that they were joy, but now grief.
Days passing  without you are useless
If you would know, how my heart wants you

I met with you on my sleeps ,
My fights argue with you
And  then I kiss you in peace
If you would know, how my heart wants you

He  Loves Me

Feeling ... that eyes
How  I enjoy   greatly ,
I atone for guilt
Because ... he loves me.

No malice for beloved ,
If would  lie me
I don't let   ... blush with shame
Because … he loves me.

My beloved , my beloved ,
How  can I  offended ...
Youth will pass in vain
Because ...   he loves me.

Love is wine I drank ,
So ,  I fell in love.
What was said ,  pardoned
Because ...  he loves me...

Would come days by days ,
End of love ...  is nice
I  love him also  ...
Because ...he loves me .

I Read The Hearts….

You aren’t faithful man as world
I feel it when looking to your eyes
To whom have you lied … to whom …
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.

Lies became memory in your speech
changed to a liar … beloved, as you
I don’t want your approaching me
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.
my soul needs guests …. like you
You would look like to pure spring
my sad tear flows to my cheek,
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.
I take grieve closely in the heart
I grieved heavily without you
I take fog and mist with your grieve
I read the hearts…. I’ м heart lover.



VUGAR AKHMED - poet, professor, born in 1963 in Azerbaijan - Baku. He graduated from the philological faculty of the ADPU, currently works at ANAS. Doctor of Philology, professor, member of the New York SA, member of the Union of Writers and Journalists of Azerbaijan, member  of  the Mugam Association of Russian-Derbend Unity. He is married, he has a daughter and a son.

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