Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Forest’s Xilophone

In a space where snowflakes rule
Peaks are covered in snow
That falls from the sky
As in a faerie tale

Slow and dense snowfall
Over the green forest
Even the silence falls asleep
In the soft arms of the moss

A stream run
Waters whisper in a meditation
Beside the white rocks
That contemplate the silence

Across the valley,in the glade
Over the enchanting landscape
In the silence of the morning,
It’s snowing, it’s snowing!

A loud crack in the woods,
It’s echo is floating above
The white and grey chests
Till it finds it’s hidden place.

The time is passing, new cracks come
The noise is breaking the silence
The spruces here have their beloved fate
Of freedom in the wind

Everything looks like a symphony
In the ruthless winter frost
The xilophone in its harmony
Breaks the silence yet again!

The snow is falling slowly
Down from the bent unchanging leaves
To the ground, to make some noise
But Nature keeps her silence!

Flower Of Woodlands

O flower of Woodlands
You rise and bloom all free again
Out of the old spruce shadows
In the joyous song of birds.

This whistling chorus
Gathered under the shinning stars
Stays under the wet thicket boughs
Performing among the dewdrops.

A small creek in the twilight
Carries its sweet waters
Out of the crystal-clear spring
Beneath the smooth pebble.

Two little fawns are drinking water
In the serene nightfall
Their mother is watching them
Her eyes are seeking the horizon.

A great red stag on the cliff
Is guarding the blue of evening
Mighty antlers pointing the sky
In the soft breeze of the west heights.

Wandering Over
The Years Under The Mantle Of Time

I hear the forests calling, on the mighty range
My heart is beating faster, I dare to be brave
Our beloved mother Nature takes us in her heart
But I must live a city life, that’s my only fate!

The gusts of wind are soaring amidst the smell of pine
Across the autumn’s falling leaves
I am walking over the bucks’ track in my boots
I discover the nature, so as to enjoy!

The saplings are trembling in the fringes,
It looks like a dance of nature and a chorus song
Leaves whisper on the forest’s strings
Are all memories and smiles scattered in my mind.

My uniform and the wood’s green
Stand against the evil times and their sharp axes
They support and rebuilt the hope of a lifetime
And stay together under the sun or moon.

I see the Divine in everything,
I live under His rules, He makes my way
I seize the nostalgia of my past
Looking to the deers’ tender leaps.

What’s missing from my life?
Only life’s struggle and its prickly thorns!
For every man who’s serving the Lord’s Green Empire
Must live his life in smiles and sighs!

Look To The
Blossoming Flowers

Look to the blossoming flowers
They bathe in the shapes and colours
Blessing for the eye of the beholder.

Feel their smooth fragrances
They’ll make your day
Just without to know it.

See how they display their candour,
Anytime, even in the sunset
The flowers can teach you about love

Deep inside your heart, you may seek
And protect the inner flowers.
Then offer it to the Divine.

He loves you, He knows your own failures!



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