Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Near The Tree

I am a lover of nature
What am I doing in the city center
In my room alll is artificial
Even  the air the conditioner blows
Depending on electric energy
What a disturbing sound!
Near the tree...
I can breathe fresh air
I can wander in the garden of my dreams
I can sing with birds and dance with butterflies
I can read my unfinished book
I can converse with  the writer and the heroes
I can give the story an end of my choice
I can  simply feel peace
I can dig a hole and plant another tree
For a dreamer like me
Who will enjoy the shade
And write a poem or paint on canvas
My 🌲 tree I planted once
~~Aziza Dahdouh~~
All rights reserved
August 2019

Tea Scent

'Thou art a witch
The villagers prefer your tea
And rejected  tea we made
What is the secret ingredient
What is the spell
Tell us witch'
Those jealous ladies claimed
The soft lady looked at them innocently and remained  silent pouring  tea for her next client
Then explained
'I used to  celebrate  tea ceremony each season in the same place and same audience enjoyed it immensely
Many praised my tea and found it as sweet as honey
There is no secret my ladies
Ginseng is from high mountains  and water from  pure fountains
I used my finger to stir
Instead of the spoon
That's the lonely secret
She said

Everlasting Life

Wen -di  the brave dragon rider
Went on  adventure
Left his soft wife alone
He climbed   the chinese high peaks
In search of immortality
What he discovered later
Life is  a short journey
No way to everlasting life
He decided to go back
Following his footprints
But the  old dragon couldn't go further
So tired for such adventure
The dragon was weak
Obliged to settle on the peak
And face his destiny
While Wen- di said to his dear companion
No way to stay  isolated
I should go back to my wife
And live  the rest of my life
In love and harmony
He walked down for long days
Till he reached his beloved wife
He found her on the verge of starting a journey
She had no time to a farewell party
Just waved her hand
And left searching for a miraculous plant
That  brings back youth to her body and face
Poor Wen-di again lost his  beloved wife
He missed to remind   his wife
The lesson he learned from his journey
Life is not measured by the long years
But by the precious moments they shared
~~Aziza Dahdouh~~
August 2019
All rights reserved


AZIZA DAHOUH  is an Algerian poetess .She is fond of reading  and writing poetry in English ,Arabic and French.Her poetry appeared in many interesting international anthologies like: Verses On Racism And Resistance Refugee Crisis,Women Beyond And Within The Shore, Autumn,Poetic Rainbow ,Mother,Earth Day,Father and September.. She has her own page on Atunis. She loves traveling.. She saw many amazing places in the world and yearning to see more.

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