Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The Core Of My Being

I will no longer peer
into my soul
to understand the motions
of my heart
where they come from
which are their roots
the reasons of their often
strange unknown passages

I've tried so many times
but to look inward
is how to turn my gaze
to the whole universe
while going with my thoughts
further and further

My soul less known to my Self
than the dark voids
beyond the wide horizon

And now I want no more
going on querying
to crucify or offer it incense
but silently listen and
hold in due account
its emotions and feelings

It is it that dominates my life
not me to be the master of it
It's there the core of my being
and to it I'll bow
with respect and attention
@ Maria Miraglia-

A New Nest

In respectful silence

in front of your pain

as for anything that goes by

that moves away, that dies

I feel your heart bleeding

your eyes shedding tears

as unexpected rain

in a summer day

I can perceive your anguish

your mind full of fresh memories

of love words and promises

of future happiness

Your smiles turned into groans

your joy into despair

your good moods lost have

their vibrant colors

And while you lonely spend

your never ending days

aloof life goes on

in its eternal flow

But as the meadows in Spring

back to bloom again

one day you'll sense in you

the longing to smile again

and free like a seagull

fly high in the sky

warm and sweet the air

in search for a new nest.

Souls just take time

to heal their wounds
@ Maria Miraglia


I think of us
You and me
Of the time stolen
From our lives
To be together

You told me of your sorrows
Of your melancholy
And unrealized dreams
And hold my hand
While leading me
Through meadows
Where gently I picked flowers
Exotic to me
Their scent unknown

A souls’ meeting
Stripped off of their human nature
Tow angels shining
With their own light
In the darkness
Of the endless sky

The world called us
To wear shoes
Lost our wings
We came back to walk
Along the  paths
Of our solitary planet

No winner
Nor a looser in this story
Both losers my dear
@ Maria Miraglia


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