Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The Lantern Boat

In the twilight saga
The tiny bird twitters
Across the myriad skies
The orange ball turning blue n purple
She flaps her wings, splutters
The heavy rain drops
Off her wings

Rain  washed and rose merry scented
Her earthly twining’s
Wrapped in her flight to fantasy
Perhaps ….
She hurries in an Old Oak’s burrow
Gathering her twigs, of dried hay n palms
Silken threads and soft feathers
To craft her cocoon

Sprawled in nature’s graffiti
Amongst, the tall bamboo’s and groovy coconuts
And mango groves
She sprints home
To her young ones
Her heavenly hearth
Nestled in mahogany woods
Under the vibgyor clouds
In colossal nature as

Rains prosper
To swollen heights
When tumulting rivers trine
To rise in nature’s fury
Nature tosses her slender, soft
Crocheted bed-  laid  in
The deep oak’s burrow

She dives in the fierce storm
Deep in the woods, away
The burned out Lantern with it’s slender wick
Is still warm, charms her senses
To foster a home for her birdies
She quickly lays, the cotton balls and dry twigs
In a warm den, in the fading light

Perched on the soft bed, the three birdies sway  in
The Lantern Boat, like “Noha’s Arc”
Tarnished and rusted the Lantern Boat
Sways this way and that way
The giant oaktree stares
All night long
As the wise old owl, chills in the dark night
The mother sparrow trails
Through the rainy days, game
She specks the nuts from the
Busy squirrel’s nest!



The colonials have left,  long ago
The remnants of the colony still
Dwell in their shadows
Their pounds and shelling, marked
‘The Monarch’s face’ on
  The epistle’s stamped
The Royal’s face !
So I heard in stories              

So here is a story , of a nation
Almost three hundred year’s old …..
The Glory of India, was  heard all over
The Silk Route
So many plundered it’s wealth
The emeralds, the opals an d The Kohinoor Diamond
All  plundered in the ravages of time
In Monarchs kingdom
They   all shine
Long forgotten wealth of India
Is written in the chronicles’ of time !

They  gave us our freedom
With a price tag
Peace and wealth was a barter
For their friends and foes
New land and nations were formed
The bugles, played and the trumpets blew
Singing songs of their victory

They left  72 years   ago
A  country bereft
With dark shadows   and a credo
Of caste, creed and religion
The mantra of gospel truth
“Divided we stand” whispered in ears
Of people   

The vast empire stands divided
Ove r night in two
On marked lands and punctuated spaces
India, Pakistan, then the Kargil …LOC
Two countries in turmoil, hostile and neighbours
Each bearing a constituent assembly, yet  planting bombs
And bloodshed
Where the terrorist plant suicide bombers
In India’s land
In God’s own land of Kashmir
Once the Jannet on earth

The most dreaded place and hell
After seventy year’s there is no land,  no place to own
Two States- one Nation India
Where is peace? 
Peace was given, over night now
stands divided in cause and divided in minds-
And every year –
They play the tapes  on 15th August
“Freedom at Mid Night”
When the world sleeps
India will rise……
So is the story  of Kashmir!


Sun kissed and
Dew eyed
Wind Loved
I bask
In the Sun

In green glossy fields
I am Love
Of God
So I
Glory in the morning light
Till dusk I wait
For wind n rain

I am
That Sunny Twig!


ANEETA CHITALE : Aneeta has been travelling since she was two years old as her father was in the Indian Army.  The challenges  of her early life has given her many opportunities, to grow and shine as she paved her way into her adult life. As a kid she has changed ten schools, lead a total nomads life. She started writing poems since ten. Many of her poems are published in International Journals. Nature has always fascinated her. She pursues an eclectic style in her penmanship. She is a versatile persona and has acted in a ‘Marathi’  Movie when she was just 20 year’s old and offered a movie by the Film an Television. After graduating from Pune University, she  made  her career as an educator.  She has worked in India and overseas. She loves working with children. She has recently published her debut novel “Sojourn To Maldives”. She has worked in Maldives, Dubai and UK. She has made her foray in the writing world, by penning her novel on the international relations.

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