Tuesday, October 1, 2019



The Beauty
Of The Soul Is Love

Love is born from strong roots
and an entire life is not enough
to weave an infinite network
of melodious notes the only singer
he is the man in admiring beauty
in knowing how to grasp everything,
enchanted by the scent of a rose
to offer to the beloved who appreciates it.
Everything radiates and shines
to the intertwining of noble sentiment
strong cement adhesive
and hatred in love translates
for those who know how to look beautiful
and to understand from the intimate thought
in going tall, proud
of only knowing how to love.
It enhances total beauty
of the candid soul that is a gift
like a prince on the throne
reward those who are loyal.
Beauty of the soul goodness of heart
the man who owns them does it honor.

Only To The Sea.

Alone you arrive soon
in the morning if it's sunny
or wind with the clouds
after the nocturnal dream
ready you would like it to come true
going back in time
endless in space - time
when together you were proud.
Two lives, one in miniature
steep climbs in the high mountains
frost-free without complaining
when circumstance was hard
they didn't speak both intent
in the example to give and to learn
in silence the hearts were smiling
with their wise looks,
quick and tacit understanding
in a natural symbiosis
of wonderful blue eyes
this brought them together and so much about life.
Now in the sun it is closer,
master, night shining star,
the day no longer calm,
footprints on the beach and head bowed
no longer company between the two
in clear and sad solitude
sand and salt taste,
look at the sky smile without joy.

The Best Season Of My Life.

While I think of spring
of life the most beautiful period
in the throat I feel I have a knot
which induces me to reflect
of the millions of colorful flowers
in the meadows, around perfume
it expands and the sky rises smoke
intoxicates the mind where you reside.
Autumn when by the sea
it is pleasant to linger at sunset
in the enchantment everyone is ready to measure
of a journey in the beyond begin
savoring every moment again
I breathe the crisp air at dawn
beautiful life and exciting energy.
They are beautiful and also particular
the days that mark summer
of life the continuation of anxiety
yet lived with intensity they are dear
they evoke passion with warmth
and the desire to look for a bit of coolness
to give shelter to the heat surge
sometimes feeling as strong as a lion.
Then the winter season
also by comparison it holds up well
fix it here and there, and correct
errors and for paradise becomes pivot
for reflections and refuge in prayer
of the lost time now there is no remedy
he refuses to live a day in tedium
beauties can be admired from day to night.


ELISA MASCIA: Born in Santa Croce of Magliano (Cb), she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb). She is a teacher, retired.  From a very young age the predilection for a pencil in hand and also a camera for the still current passion to photograph events and the surrounding landscape. Writing, writing always and in every occasion a detail, a photo of a sunrise or a sunset, a painting or what is in nature and in the whole world arouses motive and inexhaustible source of inspiration. She has participated in various national and international and world poetry competitions obtaining awards, certificates of participation and merit, honorable mentions. The book of unpublished poems "The grater of the moon" was published by L'inedito Letterario. Selected at the XXXIV edition of the Histonium Prize 2019 with the Silloge inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo n. his teacher died on 12/27/1924 in Milan on 02-14-2019. In the Opainternational group, insert 5 poems in the Anthology 2019 Spirit of Nature. Diploma of recognition at the world event of the Rosa y Orquídeas MIXTICA Edition III.

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  1. excellent expressions, great word craft, wish you more success.