Tuesday, October 1, 2019



On Letting Go

Walking on,

Burning in the heat,

Into the pit of nothingness...

The sun blazes on

As She walks towards the sun

She will either see light

Or be incinerated.

Do we ever really let go?

A bit maybe,

A lot stays within,

Somewhere shelved

Somewhat unaware...

How vivid is the darkness that surrounds...

Is there darkness in the heart too?

Is the darkness a cage

Or an environment that nurtures

Is there a dark peace?



Summer is in the mangoes

And the thawing of the snow

In our hearts

Summer is pink blooms

In full blossom

Summer is that shudder

Of a cool ice cube

On sweaty brows

Summer is when

U understand

U have set yourself


Being Passive

And I beg of myself

To not react

Because sometimes it's important

Not to react, but to feel

Sometimes it's nice

To revel

In the feel of the words

Let it sink

Let it settle

Let it resonate

Till the words and I

And I And the words

Become One


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