Tuesday, October 1, 2019



To God be The Glory

God  Is a God
of all resources.

He can restore you
He can restore your health.

Finances relationships
Every  thing  the enemy has

Don't  ever think God
Is not working  through
your finances.

He a caring God
a provider for his
children who are

He gives us the

He shines it  on all
never ever partial.
In what he does.

He worthy
of all the Glory.

He provided  the earth for

Look at the birds of the air.

They di not reap
Or store away
In barns.

Gid provides for them

We are more valuable
To God then birds.

He that feeds the sparrow
feeds you.

God hears prayers
If you are going  through a
struggle  and you need help
with a financial increase.
" Ask God".

In order to get a break through  you have to pray about it

Ask for it?
If it the will of God
He will give It to you.

He provides accordingly to what he thinks you need.

And when he gives it more than
You Ask for.

All your  worries  are only temporary.

He never  gives you nothing you can not handle.

He attends to your needs
some things already
taken care of with out
any doubts or explanation
that how God works.

Don't  Dim Your Light.

Don't  dim your light.

Stop explaining yourself to narcissistic  abuse folks .


They do not believe you they are control  freaks.

Do not give them
That type of Power.

They do not deserve  it.

They will  gas light,
throw every thing at you.

That they job and they Enjoy
It because  they keep doing it.

It satisfies them to
see you feel bad about your self.

They feel Wonderful
they live draining  the
kindness completely out
if you.

They have  none

Don't let them dim your light.

My Eyes

An Image of
What I see.
In the silence
collecting my thoughts.
A World
of beauty.

A world of the bad and ugly.

A image not of I or you
only thoughts  convey
though my soul.

The windows
are my eyes.

I see clearly
as day vulnerable
deep like flutter
on a brain.

fragile perhaps  you the same.

Fragile every one
thinks I am carved
In stone.

Sitting  still
wide open.

I blink at you

Happy  eyes

I blink eyes
deep In feelings
In my thoughts


OPAL INGRAM: She is from New York  City, raised on the Lower East side of Manhattan and Currently  Resides In. Upstate  Ny

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