Tuesday, October 1, 2019



Your Shadow
Go Still Barefoot

Your shadow go still barefoot
in the streets
and I'm always the one by your side
who is trying to understand the meaning
of the dunes
I don't know if you consider me such an appearance
to be light for a night
or deliberately a reed bed
born not by chance on the sand
not far from the sea
ready to stay
like a happy love that was
foam and salt accord.

On The Other Side
Of The Sky

On the other side of the sky
we will always be the same
with the soul less charged with crosses
we will have all the time
to forgive the body
that we thought ours
and to benignly touch the light.
With the heart lifted from the ground
blindly reborn to cloud
the living will call us
to make us thin scattered to the invisible.

Black Skies
Over The Night

Black skies over the night
they come in and out of the eyes
and all I can do is invoke time
when I separated the snow with the moon
without fear of cold in the fingers.
It was dark even then
but that I knew the pain
it was learning not to cry
for themselves and for lost lives.
Get astonishment and boldness
when you are a child
the light is less tight
and the sky closer
to climb over with the north wind.


MICHELA ZANARELLA was born in Cittadella (PD) in 1980. Since 2007 she lives and works in Rome. She published the following collections of poetry: Credo (2006), Awakenings (2008), Life, infinite, havens (2009), Sensuality (2011), Meditations for women (2012), The aesthetics of the beyond (2013), The identity of the sky (2013). In Romania it came out in a bilingual edition the collection Imensele coincidenţe (2015). She is author of fiction and texts for theater. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, greek, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese. She has got the Creativity Prize at the International Prize Naji Naaman's 2016. She is ambassador for culture and represents Italy in Lebanon for the Foundation Naji Naaman. Corresponding member of the Academy Cosentina, founded in 1511 by Aulo Giano Parrasio. She works in international relations for EMUI EuroMed University.

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