Tuesday, December 1, 2020





From A File Wandered Off On The Moon


a cross in the snow of the keys

the wait is knotting in the circle of words

the endless in a screen,

on the gloss of the dream

an emotion is dripping its mistery

through the herbs of the night in a kiss,

in between twilight pages

the last tram is lucently sliding

over the hill of a thought,

enclosed by the minute

the vibe of the thorns in the mirror alone,

your face

is spreading sadness through limbs of syllables

a spel sealed on a bard's lip

in betwenn the blue that crossed the streams of time

and the wrecked instant in a unicorn's hollow eyes,

fading margins in the white dimension of the absence

like a return into the void beyond the moon,

I am tracing you memory

in the ungraspable leave from between the commas

when trees soar in metaphorical smile

along the crossline untied by the stars

leaf of ivied letters

perpetually falling

onto the wound of a verse





Breathes a thought the leaves

from a tree of light

like a curved touch in

the eyelid flow

in a spherical dream,

a sleep clotted

in a triangular becoming

of the ungraspable

in a butterfly scattered

in the palm of an emotion

weaves me in branches of smoke

like an idea from a snowy flower

on a stone

in the night writing the breaking apart

through the veins of a watch

wandered in nothingness

and in the dream burning into a bird

I find my crooked self

a line knotting star

on the ship of a sky

looking for its shore.



The Other One


on the roof of thought

a breaking down of delphic signs

like a confession yellowed in the drawer of death

birds faded into the oblivion of a saddened clock

on the shoulders of the instant

roll the wondering of a rainbow

the rustle of the streets of shadows

unties the city

inside the uncontained void of illusion

invisible paths on a silence strip

climb up to the unknown in you

a feeling revolts the hour

and hangs it on the shoulders of the question

like an emotion germinates the moon

in a shell of lonelinesses

the other one is stalking me

spreading polyphonic reverberations of the moment

the room of heaven a bitter mouth full of stars

the other one is breathing me

revealing the infinite in the steps of refinding

the wall scales the silent rhombuses in his sight

the shadow fiction is drawing distances

when your soul gathers love in the eyelid

the smoke of the trees gets tied to an idea

upper on the steps of the words closed in the night

the other one is outlining me on the wound of oblivion

the vowels of hazard rebuild faces

through the snow of wandering letters

the other one...

a mistery on the lip of death

the other one...

a butterfly dreamer


ALICE PUIU (Alice-Mihaela Puiu, born on November 2, 1962) Alice Puiu graduated from the Polytechnical University in Bucharest, Aerospace Faculty, and she is an aviation engineer by profession, a field she worked all her life in. She has always been in love with literature, especially poetry, but it is only nowadays that she lays down on paper everything she has murmured like an eternal enchantment for a lifetime. A close collaboration with the "Literary proceedings" of the "Expresia Ideii" Circle in Onești started in 2019, where she publishes poems, as well as literary reviews and travel impressions.

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