Tuesday, December 1, 2020





Peace Of The Night


It,s only one February night and though it’ s not like the others

In which her shiny black wants to talk and not to be silent

Even her dark noon pass

Through the secret of magic she keeps me awake.

With the eyes wide open like lanterns

I look toward the night sky as if in search

And as a movie spectator, I admire a white moon, a star and even more

Their words try to follow, but they seem to moving more and more.

I’m listening , Im looking… but I’m not understand

In their soft voice about what and how they speak

I listen again…and I say to myself: “It will only be their secret in the conversation”

And then for a moment, the night a lightning bolt steals one look

I start to hear, I hear the word peace, I hear my name

How strange! How to combine it in the sweet essay?

The courage push me, I bow and then I ask:

“Nice peace speech, but how you mention my name?”

The gentleness of the night catches me and then holds me easilly

Startled surprised when her voice whispers in my ear:

” And you my dear, where did you get lost

You are looking for peace, but you still lingering

You want as gift, I believe you, but find out from me

That your peace has been and is always in you

Sometimes hidden in heart, soul or mind

Wake her grace and believe me you will be remember me.

©️Cecilia Cotovan



Color Your Roses


Choose your enchanted brush

what's on the shelf

often forgotten

with it paint the beauty of the soul

in a soft fragrance

what an eternity keeps your youth.

Choose from vibrant colors

your lush shade

and the rose from the flowers

make it the flower of your life

In a favourite garden.


When you want much joy




and wellness

choose a yellow rose

and you will see

how happiness



they will then shine

like the sun's rays.


When tou seek for love again



and affection

choose the elegant pink

the sweet an romantic

it smells of tenderness


and you will be again beautiful

pure an unique.


When gentleness


the sublime

and sympathy

I can't find you anymore

and in the glimpse far they miss

choose the white rose

the pure one

the tender one

the haughty one

the one with his good thoughts

he calls you in a discreet way

it secretly rewards you

and it paints you the right way.


When the passion

and love don't shine too much anymore.

choose the Aphrodite rose

and it colors you in a hurry

with rubin flavor

and the bright red

what revives the fire

the flower of fondness

and the passion of love.


When the mystery surrounds you

and the impossible is untouchable

with blue color the rose

even the shades

how difficult it becomes clear

she will awake wisdom in you

and the harmony of life

which can sometimes went out.

And from all this garden

of roses

beautifully painted

blue is and remains

the color of beauty

by me adored...

©️Cecilia Cotovan



The Piano


No, there is no need

of a French dance

to amplify

and harmonize

the volume of the piano sounds,

only my timid steps are enough

passing through the voice of nature

and stepping on a single flap

the most "correct" of all

as if by magic

a soft song is heard

which resounds at sea

responds to the echo

vibrates close

and sings on keyboards

in synchronous dance

with the sky

with leaves

with the river

with the sun

with the moon

with dew

with flowers

with the Earth.

©️Cecilia Cotovan



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