Tuesday, December 1, 2020






That oasis of love

Slowly evaporated,

From the visage of rusty Earth,

Spirally upwards and wayward,


Leaving barrenness all around in tandem,

As the fertile land transformed,

Into grains of dry, listless sand,

Spilling from the grasp unwanted,

A sudden warm wind from the west,

Blew it and made it fall,

In the white corridors of the black eyes,

Causing a wince and a sudden pain,

Prickling the lids to clamp down in haste,

As the alien object was causing discomfort,

Tears gushed forth in periodic break,

And filled the days of silent September,

Clouding the mirage of painted rainbow,

Which the heart had built in time of fruitfulness,


The design of the universe,

In unison with the son of God,

Played foul;

The rapport took backseat,

And the game of exchange has stopped one day,

It started out of blue:

It withered too soon,

Like cherry blossoms,

Its days were few,

Was it a mishap or

A calculated strike...

To make a point,

Or to satisfy the urge of the fair one?

The thinker in the poet,

Is battling restlessness!

© Mou Sircar



Eyes can make one fall in love

Eyes can sense the signs of un-love

Eyes can force one hate others and self

Eyes can see the ignore in actions that one does

Eyes can seduce one to commit a great blunder

Eyes can delude one to choose right from wrong

Eyes can show disgust and disgrace and contempt

Eyes can cheat and also be a treat

Eyes can beckon and can also reckon

Eyes can trust and still reflect distrust

Eyes can blanket the intentions with a veil

Eyes can hide the pain with a smile

Eyes can reveal a desire vile

Eyes can tell what is real or unreal

Eyes can dance to the tune of others and

Make others also dance to her tune like a seasoned courtesan,

Eyes can be proud

Eyes can be benevolent

Eyes can be stern

Eyes can be kind

Eyes can be angry

Eyes can be happy

Eyes can be tricky

Eyes can be sly

Eyes can be dreamy

Eyes can be sexy

Eyes can be fake

Eyes can be pure...

As your soul

But can still be untrue to the very core

So find your own story

In every shot you see

Every time you blink

Every place you go

And in the eyes of the one whom you leave!

© Mou Sircar



Troubled Heart

There are times

When I want to go back in time

And rewind the moment and stall

When I agreed for the rendezvous one winter morn


There are times

When I want to go back in time

And erase all my drenched thoughts

Which I pour on paper for that one to read just once


There are times

When I want to go back times

And blanket the few wild memories

Which were made in spilling hours of the noon


There are times

When I want to tear the fragments of that life

Which were filled in that one's thoughts

And I assumed that He was mine





Lost like a small child

From mother's grip

Amidst the loud cacophony of immersing idols

Ocean of crowd crawls upon and pounce and claws on her soft flesh

Like the virus...

The venom has too spread

Of indifferent and callous morbidness


Few times into nine

Efforts wasted like a shameless clown

Pain brings a battered laugh

Maybe I was laughed upon

Like the spider's failed attempts

I didn't give up

Though I was losing from the start

But now... like tale of sour grapes

My will is shaken to the core

This pursuit of a toxic self-destructive dream

Has taken its heavy toll


The canvas of my beating organ

Is black as the tobacco which I smoke

Listless... as if kissed by cold lips of death

Chemicals releasing from the muddled-up brain

Of hopelessness and made-up solitary days

Brightness dims around

As my eyes refuse to see the open ignore

Pride trampled upon

By the heavy boots of steely demeanor

Bruised with the repeated strokes

Of an insouciant yet attractive soul...


'Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought'...

And vice-versa I would say!

© Mou Sircar



MOU MAJUMDAR SARKAR is a English literature Post-Graduate. She has been actively writing since the past seven years to express her accumulated emotions which overwhelms her busy-self. She writes poems in Bengali, Hindi & English. Many of her poems have been published in National and International Anthologies. She has lived in many cities since her childhood which has shaped and broadened her personality and outlook towards life. She writes mostly on Life, Love, Heartbreak, Current Affairs, Nature and Humanity mostly.

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