Tuesday, December 1, 2020






I am a spectre, I am a purity

dusting herself after she bit

throught the neck of a dream

which is still echoing

unbanished as a myth

not of the heart, not for a long time

neither as the myth of sex.

I am the monster, I am the purity

I am waiting at home for my man.




Masters of solitude

are holding hands

on the opposite

side of the café





The distant at hand

an owl from a raven

A bond like a chord!

I swallow dry.




JANA ORLOVÁ (1986) is a poet and a performer. She published "Čichat oheň" („Sniff the Fire“) with her own illustrations at Pavel Mervart publishing house in 2012 and "Újedě" her second book of poetry at Větrné Mlýny publishing house in 2017. Her works appeared in "Nejlepší české básně" (Best Czech Poems) at Host publishing house. Her poems were translated into Romanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hindi, Spanish, English and Arabic. She published poetry book in Ukrainian and Romanian in 2019. She treats performance art as living poetry. She gained the "Objev roku 2017" Breakthrough Act Award 2017 at Next Wave Festival for "crossing the boundaries of literature, fine art and theatre naturally and with ease". She gained the Dardanica Prize in 2020. Her work is to be seen at www.janaorlova.cz. She is the chief editor of art and culture column of Polipet.cz.


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