Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Tired, But Charmed By The Spell Of The Forrest


Tired, I sit down on a log deep in the woods


Making room for a thought to sit alongside with me


The hardships of life began to break apart


Not used to climb the mountain's heart


They crash powerless down at my feet!


In the foliage that goes around a few little flowers


The wind is drawing the clouds' projection on the earth.


The sweet moments were frozen in the arms of the forest,


I know no more... is it just me, the thousands of stars or nature's breath.



For a moment everything vanishes in the old wind


And the murmur of the spring washes away any difference.


I get up, resuming the holy struggle for existence.


Twisting, the path shows its plan in reverence!



When The Virgin Loves Us


Let us forgive our every mistake


And let us forgive in general,


Knowing that God forgives us as well,


Whenever we do something immoral!



When the Virgin is close to us,


All the angels circle


And from their highest spheres


Above our heads they rest!



May the heavenly bliss


Start flowing over us


And all the angelic crowd


Bury the viruses in mud!


Let's open our hearts wide


To any welcome grace,


Our smile let us not hide,


Neither the due respect!


He or she who loves the Virgin


Fully protected will be by Her,


God is guiding them


And will remove the full torment!


With Her distinguished kindness…


The Blessed Virgin Mary,


In the world she will make justice…


Her sweet look delights us!


And from all the angels


The kind man comes forward


Because a holly look may


Make our hearts beat outward!


You work the land with much torment


And stand on it when you're alive,


Also remember the Divine:


Getting out of yourself… you are gone!






TOTH ARPÁD: From Covasna, Romania. He was born on June 12th 1962, in Săcele City, Brașov County, where he lived until April 1975. He graduated the Forestry High School in Gurghiu City, Mureș County, in 1981. He has a degree in forestry and legal sciences. The author received the Naji Naaman Foundation's Merit Award for the book “Queen of the Nature and Her Children” in 2017. He is a member of the Brașov Branch of the League of Romanian Writers. He has 26 editorial appearances and participated as a co-author in 27 literary anthologies.


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