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Phoenix Flight

Has the time come when she must kill her,

choking all that reeks of a weak, obsessed mind,

infested with crawling maggots of longing

that sap all strength?


Should she disown her mangled corpse,

rotting in the wilderness called ‘womanhood’?

Having suffered it all, fulfilling needs of the flesh

now turn towards her bruised soul;


re-mould the decaying remains,

carving a new woman of substance

who yearns not to hear, from other lips,


words of love and caring.


Instead within herself be so fulfilled, 


as to sublimate her very existence.



Crucified a million times, burnt at the stake as many times, 


reduced to ashes, she grows new wings.


Glorified, liberated, empowered at long last


free of fetters, having severed shackles, broken bonds.


Woman, the giver of life, love, abundance and prosperity;


the goddess showering her infinite wealth


free to soar, soar, soar on her phoenix flight.

Copyright@Dr. Sunil Kaushal



A Brave New World


A brave new world


I keep resolving to make


within myself


where I will not seek myself


through others


where I will not be judged


as black or brown


young or old


where my caste will not


be the stumbling stone


to trip my hurried steps


trying to catch up with life


fleeing from my grasp


through gnarled fingers of time


where time and space


are no constraint


to flights in freedom.

Copyright@Dr. Sunil Kaushal




The Person That She Is


Perhaps not, the woman you would want -


stereotyped, boxed, suffocated,


demeaned, battered, humiliated.


Burdened bearers put out ads


that almost read


“Dowry in millions, girl free


as *donation (*kanya daan),


enhanced by two assets


salary, education.


Best investment in relations.”


She hardly matters


the woman that she is !


Your youth, an adventure sowing wild oats,


Sita’s- a trial by fire


for only your orders,


should awaken her sexuality.


Salving your ego’s wounds,


forgets her own


the woman that she is!



The wing clipped bird, caged


peers through bars, dazed


wiping from eyes,


blinding dust of time, servility;


has lines of her palms read, hoping


to create new destiny.



Propitiated stars change


the woman that she is.


An auspicious star descends,


a seed sprouts in the warmth


of the holy crypt of womanhood.


Sadistic barbarism forced to relent


captive freedom


as she chooses to bear her child


not by compulsion, in the mirage called marriage,


the woman that she has become!



The sun embraces the ice maiden,


as cool breezes caress heavy limbs,


buzzing bees hum lullabies, lilting birds sing,


wafting with the fragrance of spring


as she croons and paints joyous colors


for the life within


snapping self imposed shackles of solitude


gazing skywards, starry eyed ,


becomes the woman that she is !



The dormant volcano spews lava,


lips sealed no longer.


In drunken stupor you force kisses,


expect her to swallow humiliations.


Is she too large a pill for you to swallow,


for fear it may cure you of  male chauvinism,


her perfume too heady to be confined


within four narrow walls called home


the woman that she has become!



Her body ages, energy at low tide while you still expect


a ravishingly beauteous, coy, sensuous,


woman in bed, lascivious as a whore,


at dawn all virtuous and demure,


on whom no man shall cast his eyes


while your own life, a web of lies.


The fire you wish to rekindle


with your drunken bouts


knowing not, she will douse it


the woman that she has become!

Copyright@Dr. Sunil Kaushal




Dr. SUNIL KAUSHAL, gynecologist, trilingual writer also writes haiku, micro-poetry, and limericks. Published in a number of National, International anthologies and magazines, she has won many awards and competitions. Her poems have been translated into French, German, and Greek. Read her in Crumpled Voices 2, Feathers, Nature Poems, Forever a Lie, Bloodshot Eyes, Learning and Creativity, Love – A Divine Madness Vol.1&2, Episteme, Kafiyaa, On Fire Cultural Movement, Setu,  Storymirror, Kalaage, Muffled Moans, The International Multilingual Amravati Anthology,  Glomag, Quill Master,  Gems ll, a Hindi anthology-Khatti Meethi Batiyan. The Significant League’s Roseate Sonnets Anthology(International), Aatish 2, Her memoirs Gypsy Wanderings & Random Reflections Part1, and her blog sunilkaushal44.blogspot.in. In October 2017 she was honored at the Indian World Poetree Festival with The Enchanting Muse Award(International) and Fellow of the Regal World of Scribes(FRWS), by The Pentasi B Poetree Group. She has been designated as Literary Brigadier by StoryMirror. Literoma publishers conferred on her the Woman Achievers Award for the year 2019. Her debut book of memoirs, GYPSY WANDERINGS&RANDOM REFLECTIONS  recently won special category non-fiction, prize from Nissim Ltd.awarded by The Significant League for its ‘the exquisite prose’. Currently, ‘Gypsy Wanderings Part 2’, her book of poems and translation of her brother P.S.Gill’s book from German to English, keep her busy. An accomplished actor, she has done a number of stage plays, TV, and radio programs. Having been on the Advisory Committees of National TV and All India Radio, and as the medical doctor on board, All India Radio, Jalandhar, for 30 years, she brought about a number of changes for Women and Children’s Welfare. In 1982, she was awarded ‘Best Lioness President, Asia. She has also been chairperson of a number of socially committed organizations for many years and is associated with Mother Teresa’s Home. She can be caught sketching or baking when not travelling. Yoga, meditation, Classical and Sufi music charge this 75-year-old with vitality, staying in love with life!


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