Tuesday, December 1, 2020





Lonely Goodbye


for those who, wherever, have to die lonely


Chilly the room

the white walls

audible only

the echo of loneliness.

Not a tender word anymore

no warm embrace

just the time,

a leaking tap,


None knocking at the door

nobody you expect,

no one, except death.


Unique Amalgam


There is a time

where the soul descends

down to the deepest of being

to retire

of her never-ending fate

of eternity

the mind and the body

committed to the earth

unique amalgam

of memories


to the night.


Borrowed Dawn


With its hand of shadow and darkness

unraveled the evening

the defenseless light

unraveled the future

the magic

the borrowed dawn

pulled out of the wick

shed the oil

extinguished time.



When a sun

who knows no more dawn

dies away

in its own light

and the night

extinguishes her stars

snaps the stem

tears the leaf.


Corona Heiku Poems


Left in the grey air

as unfulfilled desires

smoke of cremation


Hankering for dawn

but it won’t rise for them

corona victims



The blackbirds wonder

why the streets are so empty

sorrowful their songs


A knock at the door

a faint light in the darkness

only for a while


Floating in the air

white and grey clouds

funeral notices



Springtime: sun and light

a blackbird sings the praises of life

splinters in his soul


With such fervent red

flourish the magnolias

but he has to leave


Like waves at the shore

good memories returning

nobody to share


A medical check

everything under control

but who can see it?


It is back again

the screeching of the crickets

for them no lock down


Paradise flowers

piously bowing their heads

not for earthly gods


They came back again

the lock down could not stop them

the swallows of spring



Blooming oranges

spread an enchanting perfume

messages of hope




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