Tuesday, December 1, 2020





A Tiny Part Of Me Will Stay


I have trampled the hundredth pair of shoes

And have outgrown from another coat.

Albeit, there are still so many roads ahead of me,

And new people at bus stops to meet.


My star, high up, in the night sky

Winks at me significant from the above.

A new rainbow will rise for me after the rain.

The sun will smile through the clouds again.


There are still so many peaks to climb

I move forward with more heavy legs each day.

I do not want to regret even a tiny moment,

Another date fell down from the calendar.


I try do not sleep through life, do not waste it,

Still hope to see those, I'm waiting for so long,

Forgive those, who have failed me many times,

Then, say goodbye to everyone I love and go away.


I will leave a part of myself in my poems,

And will slowly walk through a rainbow bridge

To the Father's house up in the heavenly sky,

And will merge with all those, who wait for me.




Dilemmas Of The Heart


Each night I return to those green fields

To the fragrant linden trees, willows with the outstretched arms

I count, up there in the sky, storks arriving with the Spring

And in my mind, I circle around my grandmother's cottage


I listen to the brook babbling in the morning

And to grandfather's violin playing in the evening

I bring my entreaties to the roadside chapel,

To allow the pilgrim to return with a bowed head


Each night, I return from a distant land,

To where you can hear the wonders of Chopin's playing

To the fragrant fields of Mickiewicz's stanzas

'Dabrowski’s Mazurka* will remain in the heart


And our flag, once blood-soaked

Now flutters proudly in the sun under the blue sky

It will always be a reminder to wandering Poles

Of the reason, our Grandfathers sacrificed their lives

© my series ''Heart with Polish identity''

* Polish national anthem



Today You Can Hear

Ludwig's Music Around


I used to play a duo concert with you

a piano and violin for two hearts

cruel fate has taken you away from me

I have to play solo now in my life


your piano misses you very badly

it is hard to name what my heart feels

the violin's strings hoarse with grief

and they make such dismal sounds


Fryderyk will not play with me anymore

now you can hear only sad Ludwig around

and your piano looks lifeless, so sad,

should I close its lid, I shyly ask myself


I still play only for you, my love,

and you hear it, in the depths of my soul I believe

no, I'm not closing the piano today

for sure your heart still sleeps there


maybe one day a new pianist will come up

which will sit in front of the piano

and ask me to play with him a new concert

a beautiful duo of beloved hearts in love


but today I still play solo for you...





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