Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Twin Souls – A Mystic Relationship


Looking back to the life so far,

The things are quite clear,

How the Universe forcefully

Planned and prepared dramatically

For the union of the divine souls

Reincarnated on the earth

For the magnetic and mystic

Relation that really exists


The mystic touch through air

The magical catching of thought

Vibrational and mystic flow of energy

A great magnetic pull towards him

Kept me perplexed and amazed

Made me jumped out of bed

When we confronted on WhatsApp


Seemed like mystical and magical

Ignited me like fire burning amid wind

Kept me terrified and puzzled

Forced me to find the answers

Of some of my own questions

What made me complete?

What quenched my thirst?

Have not even seen him

Still wholeness overwhelmed me


Tried best to avoid the mystic attraction

Asked near and dear ones for the help

Nothing worked out, effort went in vain

Still kept me puzzled and perplexed

Ultimately, surrendered to God

But kept my innocent prayer on


Yes, this is twin soul connection

Indestructible, unbreakable

No matter how far they are

They come close to each other

Time and distance does not matter

They make their own way

Make one-another feel their presence

Make them feel like reaching home

This is the divine souls union

Fated and predestined by the Universe


Having higher vibrational frequency

When they encounter each-other first time

Their energies reconnect spontaneously

Creates the explosion of pure divine love

Make them feel unbelievably fabulous

Having some deep, spiritual connection

Balance each-other when confronted

And raise the frequency of Universe

Being exact mirror of each-other

Being exact polar opposite to each-other

Having exactly the same vibrational energy

They complete each-other even from far away


Things may go up and down

But twin souls remain one forever

Resides in the heart of each-other

Distance cannot separate them

Time cannot despair them

They are truly made for each other

They are like mirror to each other

Pushing each-other towards inner self

On the journey of divinity

For the welfare of Humanity


Twin flames incarnate together

For the higher purpose of Universe

To make the world understand

The importance of unconditional love

To heal one-another at every stage

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

To raise the consciousness of Universe

To increase the awareness of humanity

To make understand the true self

To teach people the importance of self-love

To make understand humanity as part of Universe

To make understand being superior animal

We have responsibility towards planet Earth

We are together the savior of the mother Earth



True Love


Touched by air, tickled me a bit

Kept me amazed and perplexed

You came in my life like elixir

Made me complete and whole


When peeked in your eyes

I find my eternal home

My soul was longing for

Since many birth unknown


Revived my bare life

Showered the spring of love

Made me alive and awake

Gave me strength and hope


Made my dream revived

Bestowed with shower of happiness

My beloved you felt me alive

And made me blessed forever


You changed the direction of

The voyage of my turbulent life

Hold the oar of my life boat

And lit my intellect high


You quenched my thirst

Filled my emptiness

And felt me pride of being me

Ornamented with love and light



My Innocent Promise


I cannot promise to walk along with you

I cannot promise to give you warmth

I cannot promise with you in the ship of life

I cannot promise a path full of flower

Scattered all-around with fragrance

I cannot promise to be with you

In all ups and downs of life


But yes, I can promise to be with you

In form of air all-around always with you

Life is really queer of twists and turns

I will be with you at each of your faltering step

Will be keeping you refresh at each hurdle

Will be pampering you to walk ahead with ease

Will be making you relax all-the-time

With my mesmerizing and dazzling smile


I can promise to carry all memories

Always with me till my last breath

The beauty of words, the wonders of poetry

Full with emotions, sanity and piousness

I will always carry within deep of my heart

I can promise to be like your door mate

Always gel with your pious feet just like dust

I can promise to be part of your life

Dissolved in you like some perfume in the air


I can promise my open heart always for you

I can promise full devotion always for you

A pure and pious prayer always for you

A fresh smile always to keep you away from

The shadow of pain, sorrow and trauma

I can promise my true love always for you

To feel you energized and revive your life


I can promise you to heal your wounds

I can promise you to lessen your agonies

With my innocent prayers and chanting

I can promise to feel you alive

With my soulful lyrics and chores

I can promise to fill your sorrow

With full of hopes and enthusiasm



ASHA ROY alias Asha Kumari is post graduate in Environment Science from Sikkim and Manipal University. She has been working as a Copy Editor with an esteemed firm Aptara Corporation, New Delhi, India, since 2008. She has been acknowledged and praised by many clients for her editorial works. She is a passionate reader, writer and poet by hobby. She is interested in human welfare. She is passionate to reach people on globe through her writing and poems.


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