Tuesday, December 1, 2020







we have raked the leaves


sawed off

the dead branches

burned the heap

and jumped over the fire

to keep away

the evil spirits


we stayed awake

until late at night

listened to stories

about the white buck

and the black flyer

that appear

at night

in virgins' dreams


everything so peaceful

only in the embers

ghost eyes blinking

on the lookout






I had treasured

these grapes

these peaches

and these pomegranates

for the journey

the gipsy journey

the fortune-teller

had read in my palm



on your back

the canvas tent

rich with

skin's heat and sweat

amber and

wolf's hair

in the locket

between my breasts



neither beginning nor end

just lying there

in the shelter of night

among greedy roots

fixing the stars

grapes soothing lips


of barbed wire

or soot

or sin






history duplicates itself

roots grow to routes

chase delusive destinations


ivy peels off hand-made walls

DNA linked generations

stare at non-committal futures


pending over crossroads

kids pencil memos

fold them into questions


fog falls in layers

dimming traffic lights

claim a reappraisal of green



Dr. APRILIA ZANK is an educationist, freelance lecturer for Creative Writing and Translation Theory, as well as a multilingual poet, translator, editor from Munich, Germany and an Author of the Poetry book BAREFOOT TO ARCADIA. Born in Romania, she studied English and French Literature and Linguistics at the University of Bucharest, and then moved to Munich, Germany where she received her PhD degree in Literature and Psycholinguistics for her thesis, THE WORD IN THE WORD Literary Text Reception and Linguistic Relativity, from the Ludwig Maximilian University, where she started her teaching career. The research for her PhD thesis was done in collaboration with six universities from Europe, and as a visiting lecturer at Alberta University of Edmonton, Canada. Dr Aprilia writes verses in English and German, French and Romanian and was awarded a distinction at the “Vera Piller” Poetry Contest in Zurich. Her poetry collection, TERMINUS ARCADIA, was 2nd Place Winner at the Twowolvz Press Poetry Chapbook Contest 2013. In 2018, she was awarded the title “Dr. Aprilia Zank – Germany Beat Poet Laureate”, by the National Beat Poetry Foundation (USA). She has been an acclaimed guest at cultural events in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Turkey, Singapore and Romania, where she read her poems, delivered lectures on various topics. Her poems and articles are published in many ezines and Anthologies of different countries.


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