Tuesday, December 1, 2020





The Transition Of Time


No season has more colors

Trees, shivering, holding their fears

Leaves are coloring, the coming changes

Blanketing the roads with mirthy turbulence

Butterflies of heaven, hiding tears...


No letting go can be more joyful

Waiting the rain to wash the past

Arms of trees, keeping their offering

Songs of Fall.. soft and playful

Celebrating the loving tales, that couldn't last..


Come dance with me before the coming rain

On the melancholic breeze tunes

Playing the transition of seasons

Rays, caressing, intimately insane

Holding tortures and masked pain

Summer is slipping away with its flowery bloom

Both we remain, fighting the gloom

Of wintery rain.. with a last embrace



A Healer Heart


I am a word in your poem

Fragrant with jasmine's love..

A pearl offered in a stolen box

To lovers.. with flying dove..


In a spring bloom, a wild flower...

Abalm of lavender, drizzled with rain

When your pen flows in timeless hour

My heart beats untamed, again & again..


And when in sorrow, angered, or drained

Like a blues song, I drop with your tears..

Like a secret, I hide dear your pain

And hold your soul, till the sunrays appears.



The Autumn And The Nile


Wandering in these early days of Autumn

Enveloped in heavy Grey presence

Fog entwins the sky and the Nile

BOTH, flowing, in this colorless silence


A field of dried wheat, saffron color

Wavering gracefully, with every breeze

A chill, caressing skin and nature

Branches of palm trees, dancing at ease...


All awaiting for the coming lights

Silence will lead to stormy winds again...

Cold is welcomed after the heated night's.. To refresh, heart and soul

With coming rain..


In these changes, I am a wild flower

Heart blowing in sunrays.. Of words

A lover heart under the dawn lights shower

A blast of passion is my only Howling wind..


Celebrating with nature, cold and heat

Conserving my realm, in a shell of love

Grey or, colored Autumn, with happy beats

Free bird, in season less Bliss from above..



HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese poet writer and translator. Having poems in many anthologies Preparing her first poetry book to publish... Had art studies in American university In Beirut Lebanon. Painter had many exhibitions. Interior designer and decorator in the real life. Egyptian. Living in Cairo Egypt by marriage...

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