Tuesday, December 1, 2020





Ants!  Anti- System!


Hardworking ants, never get weary

Collecting food for wintry days

Digging tunnels for provision to bury

Economist of all times, where did you study

Who regulates your duties? who divides your roles?

Did you build big banks

Do you feed your accounts

Do you increase taxes to accumulate profit

Do you lend, any extracts do you send

Do you know the meaning of debit and credit

How many of you went bankrupt

How many of you are accused of theft

Do you withdraw, retrieve or thieve?

Sorry Ants, this is the vocabulary of the greedy

Those who eat all and throw remnants to the needy

The practices of those who own brains

Owners of slaughters, of shackles and chains

Where do you think the difference is

In the brain that made them inhumane

Or somewhere slavery still lies?



I Love Autumn


Miracles of  Metaphor

I witnessed dawn's yawn

I saw it stretching its arms slowly

Taking off the night-black gown

Creeping to announce life debut

Like a snake casting its slough

Waking up birds dormant on the bough

I could hear leaves on trees

Whispering, hugging the first breeze

Ready to fall, bidding twigs farewell

For -in love with Fall - they fell

I saw in each leaf a Phédre addressing Hippolyte

They blush, turn pale at his sight

I saw nature weaving tapestry

Mixing colours, knitting imagery

Inspiring Poets to adorn and adore

The powerful miracles of the metaphor



Muse Of Poetry


I sat musing on the surrounding

And the muse of poetry winked at me

Insight embracing sweetness! what a duo!

Musical notes, a soft sound breathing

Submissive words rush towards me

And I start weaving a colourful rosary

Each bead hugging its mate solemnly

Piercing the poet's inner creativity!

Lace and embroidery paint each line

Forming stanzas, an art so fine

A precious necklace, a gift called solace

To roaming lovers yearning for a haven

Where colours and styles blend

A balm for hearts and minds

A message wondering worldwide

Whirling with the muse of poetry

Gigi Mejri ©®



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