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And when you can not tell

I'm silent

There is no need to know

What the heart feels

When you do not share

I'm silent with you

And knows that there is a small sail  boat

Will take both of us

To the place where there is returned

I will not have to know

And it is possible to live and die a whole life

And to drown again and again

And when you're not sharing

I'm not asking

There is no need to know everything

Simply exciting

I also need air

We are both sisters

In the midst of life and turmoil

Floating between the waves

Quiet when needed


You will always come

We'll shut up together


Shoshana Vegh


Mom, forgive me


Mom, forgive me

When you are already turned into a soul

And perhaps you are a soul in a new life

I want to get down on my knees

And tell you

The one I never said

The blame you placed on me

When my brother was killed,

That I brought home

The bereaved

From the love of teenagers

To a soldier’s brother

Who was killed in the war

It has already passed and is gone.


I forgive you

I’ve forgiven you for many years

And you live within me

You breathe your life out of me

Your gardens are sinking into me

I bear your pain

The world to which we were created


And you are my mother,

forgive me

Life is a collection of fragments.

Now I know

That we are just the sum of our separations.


*It is a poem from the newspaper in Israel my city “Modi in” edited for collection of poems about forgiveness


On The Way To Happiness


On the way to the yellow stones

I’m drawn to the magician

Distillery drops of happiness pain

The strawberry fields forever

On my head the crown

But why do I dream at nights

That I’m a girl dancing on a pillar

And you look at me

Waiting for magic

Let me come out of your dreams

How can i ask us to


This honey

I will not find anywhere else

Make me whole

Like Doroty




SHOSHANA VEGH was born in Israel in 1957. She wrote poetry and diaries from an early age, but destiny meant writing to her in the wake of bereavement and she started writing when her brother Tuvia was killed in 1974 in an accident at his military service. Sheba’s a mater degree in Hebrew literature..her poems were published in anthology in 1980.In 2000, she published her first novel, it was about the infatuation of a married woman on the Internet. In 2002 her second novel was published and later poetry and children's books were published over the years. In 2009, she founded a house of publishing called "Pyutit" that specializes in publishing poetry books. She wrote 17 books herself and edited over 200 books, poetry and prose. She was awarded a scholarship from the House of the President of the State of Israel for the first poetry book "The Coming of Madness". For the book "Sad Ones" from the Israel Foundation's scholarship. Her poems translated from Hebrew to English


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