Saturday, January 1, 2022







When is nobody

What is the use of staying

this world.  Luminous,

I lost it in a hospital in Paris

While wandering through the scorched forests of Australia.

She said we might meet in the sixth month in London

And we perform our last dance under Waterloo Bridge.

. But the travel has stopped.

The season leaves are falling,

We are from one quarantine to another ...

She went with the white army,

And she left me in wandering alone

Account my fingers.


A Dried Life


Global cities are empty

Bustling cities

Deserted by the carnivals

Even the homeless and the tramps have been emptied from the streets,

Street artists, singers and magicians

We no longer hear their songs

Or the laughter of bystanders,

The cities that never sleep do not wake up,

I am alone on the train tracks

I carry a rose for a woman who did not come

She said we will not meet,

And the guys I spotted on the roads

They dream that girls will come to them

Their lips will be filled with kisses

Dry are my lips

Amid the drought of cities and the destruction of thousands

How many angels of death have fallen from heaven this year?


Sad Evening


This evening is sad

Carnation cried on her window,

Violin tears flowing

Nobody on the street, only dark

And ambulance lights

Dancing lights from the cold

The water fountain froze

Such as her eyes lost in the wandering lounges

Several beds are ready for the death

of loved ones

And the lie of drugs

Her hand trembles,

She pulling the Arch of violin hard

She play's passionately

violin blood is flowing

I can not breathe

I can not



can not





ISTENAD HADDAD: Perth --WEASTRN AUSTRALIA. Istenad is a director and writer, having work in the diverse field of theater, cinema, television and ballet ,he has written poetry and visual criticism, worked in the television industry and as a member of the Arab press in Iraq, Jordan, The United Arab Emirates ,Tunisia and, Saudi Arabia and has obtained diplomas in arts and film direction .He migrated to Australia in August 2005 and has since studied film and TV production in TAFE Perth ,  *completing written short film projects (Glasses Eyes) for Screen West company 2018. * Won the best director Award from. Cheongju International Acting Awards South Korea Acting Festival 2020.


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