Saturday, January 1, 2022





Hide And Seek


You come and go away

Like the essence of a flower

When the wind blows soft and hard


You fill my heart with love

You make it empty like the sky

Surprising me often times


You are the evening star

Shining both at day and night

Giving me reason to survive


I feel your presence

Sometimes in dreams

As if you are sleeping by me


You are both winter and summer

And hide the spring inside your heart


I wait for your heart to break

And spill fragrance of new flower of love


A Summer Afternoon


in the surreal silence of a

summer filled afternoon


the cuckoo feels the dryness

in its throat and sings a

song of death of gossamer dew

upon nodding blades of grasses


the silence turns dreamy

when sleepy sparrows wake up

to the sharp creaking of the windows

and flap its wings over the sills


dry leaves hang like

fallen faces of lovers seeking

a shed to spill the song in their hearts


the sun goes on burning its path

turning the clouds into ashes


and the stream feels choked as it

struggles to move through sharp edges

of stones and cries in a muffled tone


Remembering My Forefathers


outside the house

the wind was playing a music

a music that my forefathers had played

when time was going good


the wind passes through

the grove of mango trees where

they had spent the playing hours in their

childhood days- amidst swinging fronds


sometimes the wind

calls their names, one by one,

as if they are hiding somewhere behind

thick bushes of wild flowers around the fields

where they used to work hard raising crops


outside the cluster of houses

their footsteps are heard

in the silence of the afternoon

when they come to ask about us

to the hollow temple standing godless

at the end of the path to the cremation ground




ANIL KUMAR PANDA was born in a small town, Brajrajnagar, in Odisha, India. At present he is working in coal mine sector and writes poems when he gets time from his work. He has already published two books of poems, Fragrance of Love and Melody of Love. He is working on his third book now. His poems have been published in many national and International Anthologies. He loves to write poems on nature and love. He loves travelling and meeting people of different nationalities and cultures.

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