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Princess Of My Heart


You are a moon in my eyes,

And The heart is infatuated,

Your love is warm tenderness and passion…


Near me,

You are scent of musk in my blood,

In my mood and my mind

You are melodies..,


You are the tenderness

And a pleasant affectionate,

You are the flirtation and your love is a dream…


Be life spaces whith my awakening,

Be the love dreams

And the rain water…


I choose you to be the Princess of my heart,

When passion and longing touched my heart…


In The Middle Of The Dream


I didn’t want to fall in love with you, how did this happen ? I do not know!!!

In my dream, I was standing, full of longing, and half way on the road I was evading desire, so I won’t be disappointed or rejected by reality…

I believed Love is more than a phone call, more than you looking beautiful and more than me dreaming of you nightly…

To love was not part of my plans, neither was my dressing up in finery for you…

But, who can stop what ca not be stopped?!

I am supposed to smile in pictures, and send you kisses with the wind,

And I have no clue about romantic dates

Nor blind jealousy,

Nor about the waltz dance and the arousing French Perfume…


But I fell in Love, and here is my heart beating wildly, and I don not know what Love means…

I remembered your way of talking,

your voice with its lazy tone,

And the brown dimple.

I realized how to lose my balance

and dream of you,

And long to the sun’s laughter in my veins.


Fake Happiness…


After I said Yes,

I felt like I am gambling,

For wrapping my feelings with a fake happiness.

I didn’t notice how he released a deep breath he was holding!

There is no point in ignoring the Truth, after her veins dried up from deep thinking!!!

I don’t know what scared me most, his long breath or the worrying Yes!!!

When he held my hand,

He didn’t ask why are my fingers cold!.

I am going to sleep in stranger’s arms tonight,

My misfortune crumbles in front of rough laughter’s…

I will sleep before my anger beats me, and before notice how exhausted the room’s walls are…

For the first time, i will sleep snuggled to a halo of fake happiness.

I will transcend the taste of sin, as long as my white dress is very elegant.

I will be satisfied with my cold fingers while they show their surprise in the middle of darkness.

As if they never existed!

As if I never existed!

Like I still hear his deep breathing!

I still hear the word Yes!

The hour has passed the half way breathing, and it has fallen asleep!!!




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator and Teacher. Holds a Law Degree. Editor of Al-Arabi Today Electronic Newspaper (Lebanon Branch). Holds Honorary degrees from international associations and literary forums. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Team Member: Translators Without Borders. Books:- Songs of Longing.- The Keys of Science: Verses and Manifestations.- Philosophies on The Edge of The Soul.


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