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I Learn I Listen

Still I move On


I learn, even as I listen to silence and words. I am a traveller, pursuing my journey to the Garden of Harmony.

The garden of fulfillment.

The garden of wisdom.

The garden of happiness.


Even as I have listened to silence and words, the soul asks that i move on and pursue the heart's greater yearning for new friendships and acquaintances.

From lands near and far.

To meet and  fulfill the heart's desire for knowledge.

For greater understanding of new people,  new experiences and new worlds.


The words I hear and seek, speak and give, are well-woven.They are calm and easy to the mind.

And as i wait in excited anticipation for wisdom to come my way, now I know that whereas I thought I was the teacher, now I know that I am the student of spoken silence.


Notwithstanding that it's a world of dilemmas,

A world of good and bad.

I am undeterred in my quest in this journey to the Garden of Harmony.

Undeterred in the quest to graze my thoughts, my feelings, far and wide.


Still I Move On.


Sometimes in this journey, we lose our way.

And other times we find our way,

In our quest to find the fabled garden of love,

The garden of peace,

The garden of wisdom,

The Garden of Harmony.


And so our minds keep searching for fulfillment,

For satisfaction.

For happiness.

And a little patience pays to find our way.


And it's a continuous journey,

To overcome dilemmas,

To overcome doubt,

To overcome uncertainty,

To overcome mistakes.


Still i move on.


A continuous journey for soul to find soul.

For heart to find heart.

For teacher to find student.

For student to find teacher.


Yes, I hear wisdom across the seas, far from the Garden of Harmony.

I hear it even from afar.

And I am encouraged on this journey.

In silence,

In solitude,

In words spoken,

In words heard.

A journey of and to, a new horizon, new frontiers, new people and new friends.


So still i move on, to a new world of spoken and silent words, spoken and silent poetry.




BOB MWANGI (Robert Mwangi Kihara) is a Kenyan poet, writer and communicator. He has more than two-and-a-half decades long experience in journalism and media relations expertise at international level with international organisations. He has travelled in Africa and to Asia, Europe and the Americas, travels that have inspired his thoughts, creativity and ideas.


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