Saturday, January 1, 2022





Living Words


Your heart of gold is a beautiful jewel,

your soul of purity makes the perfect dual,

your spirit is free to touch the sky,

such beauty is rare and makes me want to fly.


You touch my heart with your loving stare,

you refresh my soul with your constant care,

your spirit embraces mine like a sacred lover,

such perfection shouldn't be hidden under cover.


There really is nothing to understand,

poetic expressions in wonderland,

uniting hearts and souls in love divine,

weaving spirits together who forever entwine.

Zararia Yul © Copyright



Life On A Platter


Life spread out upon a platter,

freedom of choices that ought to matter,

beware of tongues that like to flatter.


Much advice is easily spoken,

many doors are there to open,

some will cause our souls to be broken.


From a center point life scatters in directions,

rollercoaster ride without introspections,

running so fast without time for reflections.


Many errors appear on shady roads taken,

many snares and traps leave us badly shaken,

trickery makes us eat our own bacon.


Vigilant we need to be on roads taken,

blindly we trust until we waken,

experience teaches what we need to know,

before we freeze in the icy snow.

Zararia Yul © Copyright


Shades Of Love


Pinks and blues shine through baby shoes,

new born love in delightful hues,

love keeps changing as babies grow,

becoming stronger as they daily glow,

teenage love is up and down,

often playing the silly clown,

love gets hot and fiery and red,

time for delightful passion to spread,

hearts get broken and love cools down,

becomes as white as ice that's sown,

true love finds the soul inside,

there where sacred spirits reside,

love of soul shines it's golden glow,

spreading beauty like a river in flow,

caressing creation with its gentle touch,

shades of love that pulse and nudge.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




MONICA MAARTENS: South African Poetess, aged and matured through the fires and battles of life, baring the many scars of the wars of the worlds, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, rising through poetry sharing her battles. Zararia Yul © Copyright


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