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“… Downstream to the rhythm of the rowers,

I go to Memphis, with my bundle of reeds on my shoulder,

Memphis, known as the life of two lands ”.

Papyrus Harris 500



Inland in the last glow of twilight

on those cobalt waters that leave in time

so much untold story

the boats glide


Multiple voices dissipated in the wind

and later a very fine sand over the eyes

stupor and roar of insects

crawling snakes in the open night


Shadow of magnificence

ruins in time where still they await secrets



Animal or goddess bleeding her cosmic pain?


Perpetual light that travels the sea of time in the desert


Tumult of Ancient Echoes transcend memory

dream land desired land 

root inhabited in itself


Lost earth in old pupils

hours left under unnoticed dunes

and when the blackness of the night collapses

only silence of ruins


Place of spilled solitudes


Dunes vertebra

goatskin houses remain in deep silence


Horizons that mark

the threshold to infinity

The centuries crumble like a clay statue desert

winds erase every sign and every shadow 


Towards which worlds will ancient dreams resurface?




From the beginning of time

we knew that we would meet

again at the time of true love

and the sacred union of souls


Like an eternal dream

a land looms before us

vestige of a magical invocation

the mighty rite of an ancient legend

that seduces us and haunts us

with his memory and his songs

under the clear shadow of all visions


What we want to see ... we see

with the inner eye that was given to us

in the primeval kingdom where once

we were complete unity with the Great Cosmic Ocean


Like a dream hidden in yesterday

today it manifests

so simple and clear

like the colorful vision of the prophet

in the beautiful and immense flowered fields


Dreamed land that returns to us

in a dance of stars in the skies

for a while… it's true….

was hidden and remained lonely

in the invisible worlds of the Akasha records


But the heartbeat of pure love

in the now glow of the fragrance of the promised rose

that the center of our heart distills

in the circle of time and rebirth

prepares us for what is to come

beyond eternity


Memories reflected in the primeval waters of the past memories

of feeling that guide us today 

and that illuminate our lives

finally opening the long-awaited portal

and thus, activating the light behind the veil


United in the flame of stellar truth

you know who you are in me I know who I am in you

fire of the Phoenix always burning in unity.


Far Horizons 


From afar you can hear

the voice of the mountains of Tajikistan

its mountain ranges seem to touch the sky

its sound is song

poem that resonates

in the heart of every day


Like a golden dream that is born

in the sweet joy of the dawn

the clarity drains leaving traces

on the rocky roads

turquoise gorges of water

that reflect the Divine face

memories of the ancient silk road

ruins of a persian

echoes and passages of glory


crystalline prayers that rise to the sky

about a story sheltered in silence 

The wind carries a song

towards distant horizons

dances and ecstasy

in the tremulous dawn.




MARLENE PASINI: Mexico. Communicologist, psychotherapist, Egyptologist, writer, poet, visual artist. Cultural Director of the IFCH, Morocco, President of the Mexican Academy of Modern Literature, Counselor of the Taghrid Fayad Cultural Forum, Egypt. Doctor Honoris Causa, IFCH. Multiple international recognitions.

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