Saturday, January 1, 2022





Suffering Of Light


The cooing of pigeons is heard

to the jewelry in the park

wondering where you lost so much time,

perhaps to hide the autumn sights

for questions you cannot answer

that perhaps the big world does not enter

within the small world

where the year of thoughts has only one season,

and the heart has four,

therefore, the calculations do not come out

that gray images hide the colors of feelings

engraved memory of feelings,

where time flies with the spirits

and the soul remained hostage between heaven and earth

in search of the aspiration of butterfly desires

that revolve around incessantly.




Life is a puzzle visualization,

where confusing consciousness requires deciphering puzzles,

spiritual deprivation from emptiness

in the torture of self-cooked hell

amid twisted intrigues

of the traps of darkness

where it requires communication bridges

raised on the ruins of prejudice

for a new worldview

without brutality in the name of excessive compassion

of hope escaped from self out of despair,

where Nietzsche's superhuman is threatened with laziness, exhaustion

and he is waiting for Godot of Beckett ...


It Happens ...


It happens,

that the soul may be troubled by words,

for the smile to go away altogether

of tears to sleep in the faded eyes.

Fog wanders reality without light,

while the lips whisper prayers,

except for the sunny world,

throwing clouds of sadness,

that hide the blueness of the sky

and the verses boil in the veins

that the gloomy days be gone quickly

and the rainbow of fantasy to kiss the wind

which brings the next melody

for the light of the holy word

that tries to clothe the soul

and he embroiders it in the twinkling eyes

in the symphony of feelings

for the panorama of happiness in detail,

fascinated by endless emotions

in the scene of life turned into an amphitheater,

where the legend continues to be played

by breath without restraint

in the most beautiful dreams

met again the Universe

in the prologue of the game of impulses

of still unwritten texts ...




MARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ was born  in Gjirokastra. Her profession is Teacher of Albanian Language and French Language, Writer in the genre of poetry and prose, She is book proofreading and editing. She is one of the contemporary Albanian poets. She is the author of 8 volumes of poetry and one book in prose. In 2019 she receives the Alphonso G. Newcomer Poetry Train award U.S.A and Canada for the poetic volume Vesta. In 2021 she receives the first price in the Festival of Poetry in Bulgaria.


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