Saturday, January 1, 2022





It’s Not Far Away


It’s not far away,

That day we longed for and dreamt of.

Come on my heart, pull yourself together.

It’s time for you and me to set out on a journey.

Don’t be afraid!

Don’t be shy!

Do not hide your emotions

shout out your legends from the bottom of your heart.

Let them be the pearl of the white day, penetrate into my body.

Even though blood might drop from my eyes

Call it the redness of the sun.

O my heart, do not leave me alone

Cross out so many infidelity situations,

My body is bare-naked without affection

let it put on a new love affair.

Let it be wrapped up.

Let it not feel chilly out of lovelessness.

Let the fake looks bend in front of me,

Let the lights coming from the sun

Hang on again to my eyelashes.

Extend your heart to my hands.

Let it be the ointment to my pain.

Never mind!

Look, even the clouds cry

For my belated joy.


English Translation by Mesut Şenol

Can’t You Hear Me; I Say “If Only”?


How could have we known at a time in the future

we would be saying “if only” for so many life experiences,

With the words out of our love worn out on our tongue,

That we would like to relieve through the touching words.

Every night;

looking in the mirror with fragile looks, along with my offended side

I postpone the lowly flowers I greened inside of me to the coming spring.

If only several bits of hope fallen on my heart did not exist…

Figure it out!

This city, where I got wet at its streets deprived of your absence,

now making me feel that it’s very tight in here.

I am lost in thought as I look at your sea,

my silent side chat with the broken-winged seagulls.

My poems dropped on my lips bleed.

The redness of the clouds and the color of the day departing happen because of this.

If only…

I say if only. You don’t seem to hear

I am unable to get to sleep, my eyelids resist the night,

in order to see again the day to be risen.

My migrant birds migrate from my inside.

I look after them, me being destitute.

It snows, it drizzles,

The leaves of the plane tree on which trunk we engraved our names.

You are absent!

You are absent, the walls I build in my heart do not give any cure anymore.

Can’t you hear me; I say “If Only”?


English Translation by Mesut Şenol


Don’t Go Away!


At the fire of a broken heart

My heart seems to be a rose, a Crimson flame,

Before getting burnt to ashes,

Before ripping the flame away inside of me

Notice it first

Before I untie your glances I am attracted from my eyes


Don’t go away!

Otherwise I could not wipe you away from my face.

My body that I scraped from your skin would get cold.

Whatever is there related to love would heave a sigh.

The memories you left behind would droop

My mold gets broken.


English Translation by Mesut Şenol 


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