Saturday, January 1, 2022





It's Best To Dry The Sad Time With A Smile


rainy tears

I will turn into pearls

will conjure a smile

on a pensive face

autumn mist

I will shroud in hope


november time of nostalgia

I will replace with thoughts of you

I will snuggle into the warmth of the fireplace


I will perceive the tear-filled world

 in a different manner


Life Is A Carousel


as a child, she lived whirling in the rush of innocence

she swirled the adulthood with love

unfortunately she got to the other shore too fast

in the autumn of her life, the storm brought her to the bottom of the sorrow

leaving the extinguished stars in her eyes

faith came to nothing


she really wanted the memory to smooth out the wrinkles

unfortunately the past was alive

searching obsessively became a madness


she did not find the missed chance

she cannot live either


Let's Become Collectors

Of Moments Of Happiness



was afraid that like Icarus she would fail

because she allowed him to be audacious



tactfully created closeness

was a great director of the moments



wanted him to embroider on her body

a delicate pattern that cannot be unraveled



gave her his wings

so she could finally fly

before melancholy takes over her soul




ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA comes from Aleksandrów Łódzki, but lives in Łódź for her entire adult life. She has published six volumes of poetry, two novels and short stories. Her poetry can be found, inter alia, in Anthologies, Almanacs, Quarterly Poetry ... Meetings with her poetry took place not only in Poland but also in London, Birmingham and Vilnius. For five years she was the owner of an international poetry portal. He is the vice president of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw and the Sochaczew literary evenings Atut. This year, she received the Diploma of the Minister of Culture for artistic achievements and many years of passion and commitment to promoting culture.


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