Thursday, April 1, 2021







The day humanity crossed a line

By the pushing of a button

Nuclear war becoming a harsh reality

That has left an almighty scar

On the planet and the hearts of man

A huge mushroom cloud

Full of vengeance and fury

A bombardment of epic proportions

Released upon the earth and people

Lives torn apart in seconds

Tears and blood flowed

Vaporised and terrorised

In an incessant glow

Radiation of an evil manner

Not heavenly in the least

A day the devil was released

Today still a toxic beast

A momentous lesson learned

We can but pray.

Donna McCabe ©




Two Faced


You show one side

But hide the other

Say one thing

But mean another

A shady persona

I can't quite understand

It breaks my heart

At your slight of hand

So many ups and downs

And runaround

You've drained my energy

Run me into the ground

You say you've changed

Like an old stuck record I hear

Another cycle of turmoil

Will no doubt come and go

Well no more of this turmoil

I can't take this no more

Your lying angelic face

Can just get right out my door

Don't look back or knock again

I have no more to say

I tried and done my best

Just go and be on your way.

Donna McCabe ©






We have grown and expanded

From the smog of the past

Riding on the industrial train

And boy ain't it going fast

Now we take without giving back

No second thought about nature and the land

We just keep on plodding along

With our heads stuck in the sand

People still live in poverty

Whilst living in a consumerist world

Life seems to be way of balance

On an uneven keel

It has its pros, it has its con

But its time to stop and think

What we take, we should give back

Because this world is on the brink.

Donna McCabe ©



Carbon Footprint


Doing your bit for your planet

About time humanity cleaned up its act

Started thinking of the future

And giving something back

Always on the take,take,take

With no worries of what's in it's way

We're gonna end up real sorry soon

there'll be a lifeline on our heads someday

Raping the land and its beauty

Plundering the oceans and killing off life

All for the sake of our selfish needs

Not worrying about all the natural life

So let's do our bit for our planet

Reconnect with Mother Nature once more

Give back and pay thanks to her presence

We have so much to be humble for.

Donna McCabe (C)




Cosmic Love


Our love was bound

By magical lock and key

E ons ago in eternity

When the stars were not born

And everything still black

A bond was formed

Our spirits made a pact

To travel through time

Seek each other out

Through life and rebirth

The karmic roundabout

And so it goes on

Our game of hide and seek

As into the future

Our souls will soon sneak.

Donna McCabe ©






The awakened one

A composition of peace and serenity

A mindful, peaceful and happy life

A way of life that can transform us

Being at one with the world

Through lifelong learning

Spiritual enlightenment a step closer

A step towards nirvana

A better life in our next birth.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE was born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK. She now lives in a town called Penygraig with her husband Richard, a former post man, their daughter, their older sons having left home now. She has always loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She finds it therapeutic and a relief from life's every day grind and problems. She has been writing actively for the last nineteen years in which time she has had a large portion of her work published in a number of magazines, journals, local periodicals, poetry anthologies as well as various online poetry groups and forums in which she has an active member for many years.


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