Thursday, April 1, 2021





A Woman From The Narcissus Flower


Oh woman

Crippled on her good

The fingertips of promises

And planted with slaughtered white

Colors manifested in eternity.

So the birds sing in her name

And the moons lit up

Like the usual sun ..

The universe blossomed with the coming of its youth

And from the blackness of her eyes

The melodies were fixed on the strings of the lute

O woman

The shells were created from the fibrils of her breasts

Sights turned red with the red of the glaciers

Like a split of love and the nuclei

Greenery shiver her lips

My friend attracts among the crowds

When her noble soul mixed with mine

Ritual beliefs are afflicted

And its light fills the seventh universe with chaff

These are your wings, my Immaculate Angel

Now for you ... and for the country to return

And in the niche of your eyes

They prostrate themselves to the sun and the moon

So dance, O mystery of existence

Above wild literal breaks

That fell from the sky

Like snowflakes ..

Kneeling in the warmth of your tenderness

The coldness of the mysteries of the paleness of my lost face



River Flashes


I saw her years in the blackness of the night

Invading the heart of fate,

Laughs from the river are lost ..!


He stretched out the sky for his help

The angel of my life is numb,

Until the rivers dried up ..?!


We chatted with the word of eyes

So the sun was set at sunset,

And the river became black in our young love ..


Ascrania sweeteners

And it is the dish of the imagination that it will turn,

The river’s tragedy made it thicker ..!


I evening breastfed by the surgeon

And bleeds its tendons are playing,

A sticky song on the river ..!



Am I A Prophet ... The Promise


It was the star of the sky

Its luminous star

You smile at my childhood ...

She will tweet the good news of the coming autumn

Spring of kisses rain down on me

In its velvety colors ..

She raised me to the sky of her spell

Was I the prophet of the promise ..

The laws of the universe were delayed

And they are present with the breath of the two yemen

The view from its window ..

Before the uproar kicks off

Our spirits, and death shines bright

From the poison of the tailor ..

The convoys of opposites traveled severely

To the city of Al-Nahaib and brought me out of

The clusters of their mawasil accusation of affiliation

The features of the signs of life coincided

The semi-men and the tramp ...

Bloody in those moments and seasons

The sand hours blew up their rampant toxins

And they hatched within the thorns of quarrelsome decades

She rejoiced at the majesty of her wrinkled wrinkles

On the torn Wall of Madness ..

And between the stems of the scattered fowl

The measure of age was stolen

Then he called out

Stop .. stop, you dangerous thief

The smell of cold is coming and you have no escape

So the crumbs came out of their hiding place and the enlightenment fled.

The worms hurried to initiate an airy kiss

Newton's fallen apple by the attraction of piss

As if they were contending wild horses

They take blood money from the highest of the people ..

And the fire of a sweeping tribe

Silence and barren chattering

Address for the last numbering ..

Perhaps day’s hands are sufficient for the rent of a deferred year

Then the breaths and the holy things were mixed

By the dying of the people comforting the whims of the hadith

Between the palm of the heirs ..

Behold, they consume the chaos of the winds

And the hookahs and their thorns

By water the boundaries of the fiery fields were overwhelmed

That gray storm ..

It came out from the sleeves of my mirror

Licked Fudas of Depression Licked

Take charge of your pregnant fools ..

Who hunts denials with worn nets?

So the occult taught me a symphony of loyalty

Kabylie is still wrestling with art

Interpretation of lost wisdom

In the mazes of the pillars of the third dimension

And you are still the other side

An endless hadith ..



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