Thursday, April 1, 2021





There Is Ongoing Fight Betwixt

Fire In My Heart



Heart and mind in the journey of life,

Mind thinks rationally and selfishly,

While my heart feel for all beings.


Betwixt fight, my heart always wins,

Gives values to my inevitable desires,

Which always burn inside my heart,

Compelling and forcing me to do,

Something worthy for humanity.


Being bestowed with beautiful life,

Should be utilized utmost for humanity,

In the favour of pinnacle of divinity,

On the path of infinity and eternity.


Being a part of divine troop on earth,

Have a great desire to serve purpose,

Of my life to add value to mother earth,

In creating symphonic harmony and melody.


Want to immix diversity in unity, love and peace,

To make mother earth habitat of all beings,

Adorned with humanity and ambrosial virtues,

To make mother earth embellished ethereally,

With paradisiacal melodies and divine hues.


Being superior being of mother earth

Want to immix and dissolve in oneness,

Where each and every creature,

Should be bestowed by unalienable right,

Endowed by Creator of this Universe.

©Asha Roy

27 January 2021

New Delhi, India




Candle In The Wind


Faith and hope are like burning candles

Amidst stormy, gloomy, moonless night.

When life become lifeless and mourning,

Life boat keeps on faltering amidst ocean,

We should always keep on burning,

The candles of hope, love, and light.


When you cannot see a way through

The fog of uncertainty and unknown,

Always burn a candle of faith and trust,

To lead towards the splendid destiny.


Love, prayer, hope, and positive attitudes

Are burning candles amidst stormy nights.

When we spread the wings of faith and hope

And allow winds of positive thoughts to blow,

There is no obstacle too great to overcome.

Love has power to even defeat the death,

It’s not a myth, but inevitable truth.


Life is all about moving forward,

Accepting challenges and changes,

Leading to high self-awareness,

Making true self strong and complete.

©Asha Roy

27 January 2021

New Delhi, India




Golden Moments


Childhood adorned with innocence,

Unforgettable golden moments of life,

Embellished with purity and piousness,

Free from all false pride and gloss,

Full of ardent zeal to be engraved,

And carved by the magical wand,

On the magical blank canvas of life.


Wondrous inquisitiveness of childhood,

Keep everyone amazed and puzzled,

By innocent questions and gestures,

Adorned with spell of bewitchment,

Ready for all adventures and ventures,

On the path of dubiety and uncertainty,

To cherish and to flourish true self.


Unaware of hovering cloud of despondency,

Infused with spirit and imperturbableness,

Unknown to the worldly facade and gloss,

Waiting eagerly for resplendent splendid life,

Dancing, mesmerizing and enticing within,

Entwined with unbreakable thread of,

Love, hope, trust, faith, and positivity.

©Asha Roy

27 January 2021

New Delhi, India




ASHA ROY alias Asha Kumari born in a village of Samastipur District, Bihar, India. She is post-graduate in Environment Science from Sikkim and Manipal University, India. She is hard working, self-sufficient, rebellious by nature for justice, and always stands for humanity. She has been working as a Copy Editor with an esteemed firm Aptara Corporation, New Delhi, India, since 2008. She has been acknowledged and praised by many clients for her editorial works. She is a passionate reader, writer, and bilingual poet by hobby. She took poetry as her passion to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions, and her point of view according to her conscience. Her poems have been published in different Newspapers, Anthologies, Archive and Journal (Our Poetry Archive: An Online Journal). She is bilingual. Many of her poems have been published in Hindi anthologies (Mere Jajbaat, Bebak Parinda, Safar Shikhar Tak (upcoming), and many upcoming books in preparation) and in Hindi Newspaper. She is interested in human welfare. She is passionate to reach people on globe through her writing and poems.

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