Thursday, April 1, 2021





Down The Memory Lane


Endless nostalgic memories cascade through my mind like a spring

The wrinkled skin, blurred vision reminds me that I have crossed so many springs

Reflections melt in us, leaving a nostalgic sadness

Life is an amalgamation of sadness and happiness


Some memories remain silent, standing for thousands of years like mountains

Some break the silence of inner core, they are like murmurous fountains

But maturity teaches me a lot, where fantasy is wrapped under reality

Now I am digging the unfathomable abyss to find out peace and tranquility


Sometimes I descend silently to my world of memories

Some are faded, some are still like burning fuels, they are my untold stories

In this no moon night, I am travelling alone down the memory lane

I remembered the night when you bid me final good bye, you left me alone


I know the paths of life aren't always smooth and cozy

All the days aren't bright, some are gloomy

A ray of hope is still waiting at the end of the tunnel

Where you will come back and say once that you love me, before my funeral



Me And My Loneliness


In this solitary place

Faraway from rat race

Me and my loneliness

Searching for some happiness

I am here trying to play my guitar

But I am really astonished why it lost it tune forever

I tried several times to get back it's rhythm again

But Alas! I can't play it anymore, my mind is full of pain

My life is coloured with your love's hue

But unfortunately, you bid me final adieu

Since the day you left me alone in this earth

I can't find anything for pleasure and mirth

You, you had stolen my heart forever

I know you won't come back ever

Music of my life stopped because of you

You have faded my life, all my hue

I lost myself into the ocean of pain

I don't know by leaving me alone what did you gain?



Untold Agony


The sinusoidal waves of my shattering heart beats

Circulate through my veins and faces

Colourful pain leaves some scars

Over my lips, over my eyes


Heart of mine is full of agony and pain

Happiness invaded by unhappiness

I try to smile but in vain

It is now the reign of loneliness


My inner tornado ruined my happiness

Crushed me like a defeated soldier

Who is lying alone in this vast battlefield alone

I try to scream but they die before even being uttered


Untold agony is caged inside my rib cage

I am here living in a solitary place

I try to hide my emotions, sometimes I try to cry

Inner happiness is buried before it can germinate


Life has befuddled me, instructed me to live a life full of silence

Jostled me to live in the shadows of loneliness

Darkness devours me like a no moon night

It drags me down into stillness of a cold heart


I am busy here struggling with my life

I wish to overcome my struggles, try to survive

Inner suffering is one of our of nemesis

Let's squeeze them out by developing peace


Life is a journey from known towards unknown

Where some dreams are fulfilled, some are trodden

Life sometimes provides us goose bumps

And pushes us to destroy our inner peace and hurt us


Some untold agony are lying in the dark corner of the heart

They are burning all day and night, like the fire beaming in a hearth




DEEPA ACHARYA is a budding writer, hails from Tripura, India. She is a Post Graduate English teacher of a government school. Her hobbies are writing and gardening. She has achieved many Awards of Excellence . Many of her poems are published in various anthologies, she won many certificates for her poems. She believes in positivity and lives in simplicity.  Writing became her leisure pursuit and keeps on penning down her feelings in her everyday life.

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  1. Hello, Deepa. Are still angry with me? It's been about three years.