Thursday, April 1, 2021







The Towel of Babylon

is so high.

Languages are different

I cannot understand

a thing

like everybody else

moving towards the top.

Watching from above

the ancient testimony says

is such a scope.





We have a lot

When we are hot.

Than we are young

And beautiful

Everyone but us is a fool.


5$ I slapped your butt


Now nobody is corrupt?

What if everybody was?

That is a strong thought!





Flying with the wings

Through the air

Reaching the strings

Of the violin- enemy of the despair

These are our beginnings

One cannot fly, if knows not to prepare.





Nobody can understand

how I felt

when I saw your movement

in those tight jeans.


Now I am so old

I cannot imagine having


with you while learning

in our high-school.


My movement is bearish

yours with anguish

but young.

Let us enjoy

while moving together


old and young

high and low.



Love, Faith And Hope


Love met her friend Faith

they went to drink coffee

in the cafeteria where

they were drinking while

they were… they were everywhere?

That is how girls feel

while being in high-school.

They say this is the happiest

period for each one.

Though not invited

the third one attended.

“Just shopping in the mall”-

that is how she said.

And that was all…

They separated after all.

This day was 15 years

after the last time they called

each other- friends forever.

Nobody cares at all

they got any better.





Please do not forget

What you get

Wandering on the stony pavement

When you saw me

For the first time

Sitting on that bench of stone

All alone

In the midnight

Aside the village café

Beneath the stars and the

Dark sky

Both of us feeling so (in the)

Cold and fear

As the end of our world

Was near

When the darkness disappeared

As you were near

To me

With your eyes so clear

Watching me

As you and I knew nothing of despair…




Only 1 is the one who knows

to wait every night from

11 to 1 the strains for

the next day to

prepare, because 1 who

dreams, pretends

that there is only 1 such

who act of this sort ventured

unmistakably knowing

who himself is, because

it was clearly presented to him

that he must give up everything

from everyone else differently

and show validity for 1

of us; for one who is 1

and most important, our father

of every day, from tired

rays of sunshine mettled

like the swan with neck

distorted, still not dead

during the last day,

like any previous one

the swan is the most dignified

1 and unprecedented.







IGOR POP TRAJKOV is one of the most productive authors in the region of South-East Europe, not just in North Macedonia. His literary works include all kinds of texts, like theater works, prose, poetry, essays, columns, journalism and reviews. He wrote a lot of theory which he published at the prestigious foreign universities and institutes. The works of this author were translated on many languages. He is currently working on his PhD in Cultural Studies at the Institute of Macedonian Literature. Igor Pop Trajkov is also renowned visual artist, designer and film director.


  1. Dear OPA editors, please correct the name of my last poem from the April, 2021 issue. It is 1, not 7. I mailed you everything correctly. I guess the letters (numbers) seem similar and you made a mistake.

    1. Dear OPA, thank you for correcting the name of my poem. I wish I could eraser this comments now, but I don't know how? Erase them please both for me.