Thursday, April 1, 2021







Have you ever told me

That you love me

Although you knew

How much that would mean to me

Have you ever shown me

How much I really mean to you

Although you knew

How I would love that

You reduced love

To an imaginary unit

Which is not talked about

Which is taken for granted

And you were astonished

When I suddenly left

Without a word




(After 6.24 a.m.

Nothing will ever be the same)


Here comes another day

Bringing me another pain

And I am slightly sinking

Through the deadly silence

In the screaming dark

Scared of my own fears


The ground is moving again

My bed is shaking like a boat

Or is it just me shivering here

Am I already gone or still alive?

Searching for the savior


I can hear my heartbeat

A loud echo in my head

Oh Lord, where is the light

What´s the significance all of this

Is it a warning or a punishment?

So many questions and no answers



Inside out and all around

There is such a loneliness

Here in my prison cell

Every night is the same

Every day is gloomy Sunday

Such a waste of time


Another strong earthquake

Take one more pill

So you can fall asleep

Close your frightened eyes

Recall those happy times

Imagine there is no disease

There is no disaster

You are safe behind these walls


Fly virtually far away

Be content for a moment

Be young and naive again

Try to forgive and forget

Imagine it doesn´t exist

Everything will be all right

So they say and most believe


Who really knows and cares

Whether this is the end

Or a new beginning

My destiny is already written

Somewhere in the stars










I´m sick and tired

Of people like you

Whose hearts are nothing

But cold concrete







Playing a hero

Became a zero

Another stranger

I don´t want to meet


(*This is dedicated to my ex friend who left me alone after my father´s death)




JASMINA SFILIGOJ was born on August 9, 1963 in Zagreb, Croatia. Her love for poetry has been present since early childhood, and began to develop in elementary school, in the literary group, when the first poems were written. After studying economics and aromatherapy, various jobs in the segments of accounting, finance and banking, humanitarian work, work in the animal protection association, until entering the world of the seventh art, acting and stating, the inspiration for writing songs appeared only a few years ago. Her poems have been included in many joint international poetry collections and the first independent collection of poems is in preparation.

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