Thursday, April 1, 2021







No, it will be different that day -

Even though the sun will rise in the skies.

And autumn will still turn the gardens grey.

That day will be different in my eyes.

There is talk of death - but I'll hold my tongue still;

I will listen to every sound in its way.

Yes, I wish that the day I die will

Not be at all like any other day.





On My Birthday


You can hear my heart slowly breaking.

That means my blood's still going round!

But my survival, friends, was always taking

Its toll, ripping flowers from the ground.

Now what's going on? What's this retribution?

Why haven't you stopped picking flowers?


So even my corpse is no solution -

Wiping out another troop of flowers.




For the soft fur in the hat on my head,

The king of the forests had to die.

And how many rabbits are now dead

For each of the warm coats I buy?

Life's spending out so much for me,

Perhaps I should grow older faster.

This turquoise scarf, the hue of sea,

Is a memento of a mermaid's disaster,

And my handbag glows like eagle feathers.

The sea spreads pearls in my heart.

And in boots of crocodile leather

I will stride out so proudly smart.

I'll refresh my body again today,

O how much luxury means to me!

And life and all its creatures lie

Buried in me every day.




KHOSIYAT RUSTAM was born in 1971 in Uzbekistan. She studied at the Journalism Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan and at the University of Higher Literature. She has been serving as editor-in-chief of the World of the Book newspaper since 2015. The poetry books which published by Khosiyat Rustam: The House In The Sky, Rescue, The mantle, A Wall, August, Occupation, 40:0, Forgotten years, Consolation, Uncontrolled clouds. What is more, several poetry books by Khosiyat Rustam have been published in foreign languages and in other countries. So far the books: "The Days Without Tomorrow" in Turkey (2008), "Fear" in Azerbaijan (2008), "Anatomy of Love" in Kazakhstan (2020), "The anger of the Wind" in Vietnam (2020), "Two Suns" in Turkey, "Colorful Tears" in London, and "A unique rose"  in Tajikistan have been published. The bengali-laguage book "I hid the dream" in Bengal, and two more books A brown notebook " and "The beginning of the night is dark" are going to be published in Uzbekistan.  She was a winner in the international poetry festival in Thailand in 2018 for her creativity. She was awarded with the 'Shukhrat' ('Fame') medal by the first president of Uzbekistan Islom Karimov and is a member of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan. She has been awarded with the international award of Azerbaijan named after Mikail Mushfeek in 2015. She has also been a member of Writers Union of Azerbaijan.


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