Thursday, April 1, 2021





She Speaks


And the hours roll

and hiss and mold,

to create spaces in between

the pain and solitude

finding the good seen, 

the little voice hidden,

the words unspoken,

the baggage variety

and all the crimes of days forgotten.


Days owed to the pain,

Nights entangled with tears and rain

Of echoes of sins,

And dawns foreseen,

But always here

Truest friendship indeed

I am never alone,

For she waits until the stillness hits

To punch away with truths.

I hate her, yet here she is.

And she always speaks.

Threaded by Rojas (January 12, 2021)



Empty Vessel


I thought I had ran out of things to explain,

To say, to write, to convey

But it never seems to surprise me

How all my ideas, and my words

Gravitate to the darkness of my soul,

To the depths of the solitude,

Confiding inside the long silences,

Drowning in the nothingness of the numb feeling,

Because this is the only thing I have left to feel:

Without you.

Threaded by Rojas (August 10, 2016)





I am the image of my Maker,

As I was born to create

So why not generate Love

Instead of fostering hate.


Filling voids with creations

Those fulfill amorous litigations

Supporting not the fear of insecurities

Instead Loving with no Limitations.

Threaded by Rojas (August 25, 2016)




YINA ROJAS: Life and love enthusiastic, Yina, owner of Threaded by Rojas (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) shares her life experiences through all forms of writing. Her writings are anywhere from traditional poetry to free verses with a punch, right where you need it. She has been writing for as long as she remembers and continues to do so because ‘when you appreciate what life has to offer every day, one can find inspiration in the smallest of things.’


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