Thursday, April 1, 2021







As I walk down


The oblong square


I glimpse my friend coming my way…


Thrilled at her sight,


My hand in my coat’s pocket,


Itches, craves to reach out to hers—


My arms get ready to embrace her with a warm hug…




All stops in a fraction of a sec.


Retracting with a sob,


Readjusting the mask,


I damned Covid 19,


The anti-convivial plague;


Imposed distance is obscene!




When I need…



When I need tenderness,


I am surrounded by droughts


As you disintegrate into thin air…



When I need affection


I only reach out for


Ghosts’ cold hugs and protection…



When I need a touch, a smile,


A kiss on the forefront,


I become a virgin land


Waiting for an ethereal tread…



When I need a tear, on your cheek,


Shed for my own sake,


Needless to shake


A Mary’s statue that is fake…




The Shout



Twisted necks,


With appalled eyes


And Hung dreams swarmed like a flock of mating bird...



The lonesome crowd stood listening


To foamy, forbidding speeches….




They wait;


They have all their time to waste…


With gasping breath and dwindling faith,


Stout, at last, they shall shout!



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