Thursday, April 1, 2021





What If?


What if ...

I don't wake up

What if ...

I don't I inhale the air again?

What if ...

I don't I see the Sun shining?

What if ...

This the last thing i'm doing in this world?

What if ...

This is the last song i listen to?

What if ...

Mom and Dad saw me for the last time?

What if ...

I leave so many things unfinished?

What if ...

many things remain unsolved in my heart?

What if ...

Today I said "I adore you" for the last time?

What if ...

I never hear his voice again?

What if ...

Does my sister never say "sis" again?


My energy will always be felt

with every gram of inhaled oxygen.



Come And Stay


You love me like this?

You want to see me like this?

You are giving me energy?

You are giving me strength?

Only today?

And always?


Long lost meaning,

luck left somewhere,

daily indifference ...

You don't want me to be like that.


Well, I am and I don’t care.

I'm sad,

I'm rarely happy ... it doesn’t matter.

Cold expression and repulsive attitude.

Well, I'm in eternal pain, inside.

I will always be that way.

Nobody knows that, nobody sees.

Maybe it doesn't exist?


You marked me. Its carved.

You’re locked in my heart.

You exist in my dreams.

In them, I will always pull you back.



I Know


I know I can

even when everyone thinks I can't.

I know I'm brave

even when I tremble with fear.

I know the Sun will shine,

despite the fact that it will probably rain.

I know I will succeed,

no matter that I am at the bottom now.

I know I'm going to laugh,

although I'm crying right now.

I know I know,

even though sometimes I doubt that I know.




MILICA PAUNOVSKA was born in the heart of Macedonia in the distant 1989 year, in a small city Negotino where she spends her childhood days. Untill she moves to the capital city and starts faculty of Economics and shortly after starts working there in Skopje. She has been writing in the past 15 years and has revealed her first book, a collection of poems entitled "Incomplete", where she exposes herself, lets her voice be heard and allows others to peek and hear part of it. Some of her poems have already been translated and published on several foreign languages and poetry pages. For her poems, she says that they reveal herself and with her verses she gives direction to all the people who have been through or are going through similar situations as she does. She shows them that nothing is lost if you find the right creative way to feel and express yourself.

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