Thursday, April 1, 2021





The Blue Sky


Never I put off thy spirit when the sun is not lighting

Since my twilight comes up in the lives

The thing I should keep in mind is to amuse one’s self

Caused this world is not merely for me


What should be done for solitude?

The heart should be wide as large as ocean

The blue sky agrees

If it is to say one thousand time


Whereas billion salty sea ocean comes to fetch thy lonely life

That makes the lives be more serious to think

Never I reject when it comes sometimes

For I know it is a golden kept before coming to sleep





Why should you come into the dark cave?

This world comes to us


Say something what really happens?

Don't bury yourself into the dust


Though this world is so exiled

It smiles when you are in vain


Patience is the glory of lives

That should be kept in mind


Let the world be lonely as you are now

It will not stay like what you think


That's the life in the world you are in

Who knows it will exchange later



Never Stop To Come


How lonely feeling of mine

To see the valleys, beautiful mountains, hills  and fields

I sit on the rocks and gaze

A flock of  birds are flying  and singing


A cap of flowers are dancing

While  the wind is blowing and the sand is going away

Seeing the cows feeds their flocks

And I gaze and  gaze


I never stop to come there

On the land of green grass whereas the solitude is in mind

And it is a pleasure prove to enjoy

Though the broken heart is like hell

But never I put off thy track

That coral claps till to turn on thy spirit

I know that’s is suffice to accept

I know that’s is suffice to accept



In  My Dream


In my dream there are some waves

Which can’t  be counted

The  sea is smiling to gaze

As if this world was alone


To fetch thy heart to stay alone

Yet if hope flown away

But nothing to worry about

Since this world  belongs to us


All we see  is not a dream

But  to cover the image within our feeling

To  touch everything  we like

While we dream and dream


Is there anything we lose in lives?

Nothing else if we believes

God will give a help

If we  ask Him  always


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias, North Sumatra-Indonesia, 17-05-1958. He was graduated from English and Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Study, University of North Sumatra, Medan - Indonesia. He is now still teaching English and Literature, and writing poems and short stories. His works were mostly published in social medias like "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING” (2016), and some other works or poems  in Indonesian language and English. He is a poet and  conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu, Malaysia, 2017, Pahang, 2017,USM Penang, 2017, Singapore, 2018, UPM, Malaysia, 2018 and UNY,Yokyakarta,2018, and  Gajahmada University (UGM), 2020.



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