Thursday, April 1, 2021





Lonesome Muse


There runs full-stream dream

Of imaging pearls in the mind

         Flowing in a silent theme

                 Deep quietude to find.


Heart yearning for peace sublime

Away from raucous and dissidence

          Where the mind is a tittering chime

                Hungry for some credence.


There’s comfort in speaking to silence

Always enthused at the tranquility

         Where peace murmurs in reticence

               Like Fall leaves on the ground, quietly.


When night comes to slumber

Before break of dawn to sunshine splendor

              Eyes are closed with dreams to wonder

                   Being lonesome is a nuclear reactor.




(tetractys inverted)



brings us

to unleash

utmost desire

setting mind free of all obligations.

Each commitment is a purview of self

to share secrets

telling truth






I Come To You With My Arms Open Wide


I come to you with my arms open wide,

I ask you to embrace me, lost and found;

I am so thrilled at seeing you, beside

I am delighted to know you are ‘round.


Oh, so many years have passed, but never

Did I lose your memory, thought of you

In proximity life as transponder

That I will see in this long journey through..


Now here I am, seeing my shining star,

I am elated at your glowing sight:

Lost for words, but overjoyed who you are -

So beautiful as full moon at midnight.


I chant your name in solemn devotion;

Finding you, my greatest satisfaction.



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