Thursday, April 1, 2021





Crown Of The New Year


Who sent us this bastard!

Since when do people suffer!

Joy and laughter took away from us!

We make him sick and miserable!

He put us in all the trouble!

Ah, the cure is out of the question!



New Year on the doorstep!

So many expected joys!

Scream of children from happiness!

Oh, moms are sad!



Children, young and old, are watching!

These balloons of different colors! 

If only they could rejoice!

And to kiss heartily!

Carrying wonderful moments inside!

And the memories stay in the hearts!



Call Me Sister


My only sister calls me,

who is many years old,

he tells me in a sad voice,

that she broke her leg and arm.


Sejo dear

Is that the hand you used to write the lawsuit?

Is that the foot you took to Court?


You did a lot of harm to your sister,

that she has not recovered even today!


Sejo dear

You say you live alone in old age,

without anyone to help,

getting sicker every day,

and inconsolable at heart.


Sejo dear

You have confused your mind with greed,

gathered the brothers together and went into oppression,

against a sister who has always been in trouble with you,

you only destroyed her because she managed in life.


Sejo dear

If the parents knew,

what seed they sowed,

they would crush their existence,

in oblivion inscribed.


Sejo dear

The hour of destiny cannot be avoided,

evil is rewarded by evil,

The Almighty decides everything.


Sejo dear

I beg you not to open my wounds,

you awaken my memories buried in my heart,

sad sorrows to create for me,

your existence in the gorge.


A Woman In Lust


A woman's gaze creates desire,

her eyes glow brightly in the night,

awaken desire with honey lips,

with a smile of spring power.


Let me go mad at your bosom,

hugged by your chest,

in your heartbeat,

lips adorned with mead.

I'm thrilled with your being,

you take me to the heights of heaven,

with the wings of an angel falcon,

lucky to have you.





Biti, ili ne biti,

voljeti, ili ne voljeti,

uspjeh ili ne uspjeh,

zadovoljan, ili ne zadovoljan.



Svjetlost ili tama?


Pa, ljudi, sve je u podršci,

svaka draž, uspjeh,

životni moto,

sve je u podršci.


Radi čega?


Radi puta ostvarenja,

radi napretka,

radi životnog mota, 

radi postojanja.




NADICA ILIĆ: BELGRADE R SERBIA. She was born in 1948 in Pirot, university degree in law. After this war, she was left alone and live in Belgrade, tf-381653412717. She is a member of the Culture of Dreams of Poetry Zagreb, Association of Writers Zenit Podgorica CG, DKB Belgrade and associate of literary clubs of the former republics of SFRY and abroad. She has been awarded for my literary works in a group of authors in our country and the wider region. In Asia, she published two songbooks "Past" and "Present" in Arabic-Serbian, where she lived for more than 25 years until this war because her husband worked in diplomacy. The collection-songbook "VOW TO THE SON" AND "HUG" edited by the Cultural Center MESOPOTAMIA from Belgrade by Sabah Al Zubeidi, an Iraqi-Serbian journalist, translator and literary creator, has been published


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