Saturday, January 1, 2022






The Arctic


A ray is born in the heart of darkness

to penetrate the landscape

with the sun's light

and cut the transparent chill.


Everything is different here

Fresh water turned to a stone

is drifting in huge patches on the sea

Delicate snowflakes clump into the mountains,

and a whirlwind breaks the deathly silence.


The world of white has different shades

- streaks of blue and green pulsate

It is a beautiful and terrifying landscape

Man is forbidden here,

but curiosity tells him to open up

the gateway to an icy hell


Poems On The Lake Ohrid


Three shades of blue – mists, mountains and sky

fell softly into the water in a wide cascade.

The fishing boats were lying lazily

on the yellow sand of a nearby beach

- gazing at golden reflections glistening

on the smooth surface of the lake


It  was  a beautiful day - full of sunshine and love

There were roses and the wind hid in the flowers,

to listen to the silence interrupted

with the carefree laughter of playing children.

The old people sat down on the park benches

- they were similar to birds tired after a long flight


In the odeon,  as in ancient times,

the subtle music of the words sounded.

Here we were,  the wanderers from distant lands

- we spoke with all the languages of the world

and we felt the common speech of poetry


The differences are gone.

In our veins,

in the same rhythm drops of blood throbbed,

calmness settled in our minds.

Against the world, full of wars and hatred,

we built a new tower of Babel

to climb above the walls and touch the azure sky.


Festival of poetry, North Macedonia 2021


Lime Tree



it greeted me outside the window

today it disappeared

- cut into pieces


someone is converting wood into cubes

somebody  else is cutting the branches

and I am crying


I will not hug the trunk tomorrow

and I will find no relief

in the shade of its leaves


a friend died

- mine and the local birds



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