Saturday, January 1, 2022





My Last Hope Lost ..


My last hope in life was just a feeling from you

As I took care of you when you were ill and dying

You had none to take care of you

And you slept under shades of trees

And a tarpaulin tent

I took you home with all my heart

To care and share what I had

You happily stayed with me

Till she took you away from me

How did she know you were with me

All these days ?

I am going to catch her by hook or crook

And fight with her for my love

She has no love for him

As he has neither no money

Nor looks

Why she took him away

A question i will ask

Throughout my life


Sarala Balachandran


Grant Us Love To Start Again


Oh Lord i confess my mistake of

Doubting his love for me

And it ended up in separation of two

Souls in love

Grant us Oh Lord to start and relive our love once we enjoyed together

The fragrance of our love is still in the air we breathe but everything is lost in wilderness

My cheeks are no more rosy

And my eyes no more sparkle

Unless we get a chance to

Relive our past sweet love

I have done no mistake

Except being possessive

Of you as I live and love

For you alone

No one can enter my heart

Except your sweet caress

And passionate kisses

All over my body

I promised my love to you

And it will remain as long as

I am alive


Sarala Balachandran




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