Sunday, May 1, 2022



Poetic Habitat 


The poets live

in their poems.

They are born in them

they grow up there

they are raised by the words

in the spaces they breath

they are resting on the punctuation

and even when they leave

they exist in the white of every piece of paper

at the edge of every pencil

and in the infinite possibilities of

expression in every language of the world..


European Avenue...


European Avenue

Avenue of Wealth

Avenue of Speed


European Avenue

Avenue of Inscriptions

"Out with the rich"

Yuppies RAUS!


European Avenue

Street of Loneliness

Number of fortune


Parallel to poverty

Perpendicular to the railway

Collateral of the banks

Take-off or landing runway

  of foreign

expectations and dreams...


Λεωφόρος Ευρώπης...


Λεωφόρος Ευρώπης

Λεωφόρος Πλούτου

Λεωφόρος Ταχύτητας


Λεωφόρος Ευρώπης

Λεωφόρος Επιγραφών

“Έξω οι νιόπλουτοι”

Yuppies RAUS!


“Europa Allee”

Οδός Μοναξιάς

Αριθμός Ακρίβειας


Παράλληλος της φτώχειας

Παράπλευρος των τραπεζών

Κάθετος του σιδιρόδρομου

Αερόδρομος προσγείωσης

και απογείωσης ξένων

προσδοκιών και ονείρων.


Seeds Of Peace


In the ceasefires

I plant at the four corners of the horizon

where the blood of my brothers

blackens in the sun

seeds of peace.


In the ceasefires

I light candles

to light the paths of the spirit

traced and lived by Gandhi.


In the ceasefires I open

the door to strangers

to come and share

bread, water, roses.

In the ceasefires I build

with my hands

the dreams of children

of the whole world.


In the ceasefires I touch

the hearts of those around me

to erase the pain of the past,

to join together to become a circle

To become dance, joy, song.


In the ceasefires I plant

The seeds of my lyrics

To speak in the tongues of the world

to become an eternal hymn for peace




Xanthi Hondrou-Hill is an award-winning Greek poetess who gained international recognition lately. She is writing poetry since high school and her poems have been published in many international prestigious media and anthologies around the world. She has won in 2022 the first prize at the Gandhian Global Harmony Association and many awards in China, Ukraine, Phillipines and Equador. She is cultural Ambassador for NAMASTE magazine in India and editor for poetry columns at in Greece and HUMANITY in Russia, co-editor for the international poetry magazine in China.  Selections of her poetry have been translated into Arabic, Chinese,  French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugiese, Russian, Spanish, Slavic as well as in two Languages of India: Hindi and Bengali.


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