Sunday, May 1, 2022




Here... My Features Are Scattered!!


I'm chained in dirt

I am crucified in pain


You paralyzed present, enough


You who live in the land of strangers


Who told the lovers

That separation has a homeland


Who said that birds

In your absence, are not sad


And that flowers did not wither,

And Its dew did not dry out.


O night that spreads its wings,



You pixie shadow

hiding behind the seas


Where did you come from?

From what illusion were you born?


O painful longing, enough


Who stirred up the memories?

And ignite longings?


Who blew up the rivers

And they flooded in abudance from eyes


WHO not from??

Oh you the absent behind the mirage!!


What To Do When Neglect!?


What to do when neglect has exhausted me,

And the Reconciliation is hard,

And the passion is deadly


My passionate heart is grieving from love,

and the critics are rejoicing


I did not stay, oh my critic

And i did not give up,

But those whom i loved did go away,


Their feelings dwelt in a tender heart

And I the sorrowful,

my feelings are getting assassinated


I won’t rest and I won’t surrender,

Even if The hardships face me


My burning longings inflame my vigor

And the soul’s strength is stocked by hope.

Come To Talk To You


To continue living like a poisonous weed

Let me tell you about villages you have never visited

And about the faces that have been hanging on the wall for a long time

About a glass of water in a hand but not in another hand

About a wound spreading its shreds on the road

And two paralysed legs sleeping silently

Let me tell you about blood flow

About names dying tomorrow

And voices withheld from speech

And never spoke

To continue living behind your spread leg

Come with me to see how to face life with tirednesses

And how the proclaimer of truth gets crucified


Salute here

You will love the ugliness of hunger and poverty

You will love seeing children who do not dream

And a rattle hanging from the vocal cords

I danced for a long time on this grave and that

I danced for a long time without fear or panic

And tonight…

I have a great desire to kiss the ground

And to tell you about what you have no hand in it

Perish your hands…




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator. Árabic teacher for non-native speakers. Living in Brazil. Holds a Law Degree. Development Coach at Sawa association for development. Editor of AL-ARABE TODAY and RAINBOW Magazine. Team Member: Translators WITHOUT BORDERS. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. She has published 4 collections of poetry. Her poems have been published in numerous international anthologies. She hás translated 8 books by poets Árabic and Hindu. Published in various Literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. She received the Nizar Sartawi International Translator Award for Translation and Literature for the year 2021. Her poems have been translated into more than 24 languages.

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