Sunday, May 1, 2022




Don't Look For Trouble


Don't look for trouble, it has tentacles

And brews numerous obstacles,

Don't look for trouble, it grows jungles

And performs no miracles.


Don't look for trouble, some trouble has multiple effects

And cause harms and defects

Don't look for trouble, they will not spare you

Rather pour you tars, and weed you like tares.


Look up to your journey

And head for your destination,

March on to the future

And let the world hear you rupture!


Again, I say to you, don't look for trouble

For trouble troubles he who troubles trouble.




Ego is a cloak, it hinders proper sight

Chop it off, and let it go!


Pride is a thorn, it cracks your horn

So swipe and wipe away the dirty pipe.


The king does not need introduction

Because his kingdom reigns in all the realms.


The shepherd may not be in robe

But he surely knows his scope.


Pride can kill and break the windmill

Side by side, divide and hide;

One is sold, and told to hold.


Submit, tender the bender and render the sender

Admit, hail the nail for it not to wail.


Vulnerable people can be honourable

Honourable people can be vulnerable,

Venerable, charitable, admirable

Sensible, humble and able

One is not forced to cross the boundary.


My Knight In Shining Armour


I will tell you stories, stories of my life

How I broke the knife under strife,

To become your wife.


My knight in shining armour

I will tell you tales, tales of rumour,

When I passed through stupor

To have a stinking odour.


I will tell you daily, days, and noon of one thousand and one nights

To light up your might and make you alright,

Because you are my knight, my knight in shining armour.


Folklores, tales, under the moon, moonlight

My king in a golden palace

Wait, I prepare a dance, a dance to dance with the dazzling stars,

Because you are my knight in shining armour.


I will tell you of love, not lust

I will tell you of Sinbad, the hero and his adventures, his seven voyages

To sooth and calm your spirit

As your soul takes a bliss

To fall asleep gently in my arms.


Whether in the east or west, north or south

Asia, Africa, Australia, America, Europe

I will do you five thousand and five nights,

Stories, tales, pantomimes, folklores, and many more until the end of time,

Because you are my knight in shining armour!




NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a poet, writer, thinker, a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has authored twenty-three poetry books, and has featured in over one hundred and ten international anthologies. She has published over three hundred and twenty poems in over fifty countries, and some of her pieces have been translated and published in some languages including Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Macedonian, Russian, Greek, Serbian, Assamese, Hindi, Khloe, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Scots, vietnamese, among others. She has won several awards, and some of her works have been nominated for Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net Awards, and others. She has some of her books archived in foreign libraries, including the US Library of Congress. She's a tailor too. And she has some more things to accomplish.


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